Yes on Question 1

As an experienced environmental engineer skilled at removing dissolved nitrogen from on-site wastewater, I urge the townspeople to vote for the override to fund the sewers in Falmouth Heights and Maravista to protect Little Pond.


The lot sizes in these two peninsulas are so small that the most economical method to remove nitrogen from the generated wastewtater is to install sewers.

If the vote fails, we still have to fix Little Pond. To do so, the town will have to pass very restrictive bylaws and regulations requiring homeowners to remove nitrogen from the onsite septic systems, incurring very expensive construction costs and major disruption in the topography. Each house will also have very significant restrictions on the number of allowed bedrooms, limiting redevelopment and decreasing values.

I see no practical alternative to the sewers. So to protect Little Pond, we must install the sewers. Please vote yes on Question 1.


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