2014 Pets Photo Contest

SUBMITTED BY Ken Freedman - HumphrySUBMITTED BY Jack Lynch - SUBMITTED BY Pam Amaral - This is my sister's dog Jenna.  She recently lost her three year battle with bone cancer.  Even with an amputation she never stopped smiling or wagging her tail.  A true inspiration to all.SUBMITTED BY Katy Sternberger - Adore-a-bull. A profile of Rosie the English bulldog (of West Falmouth) at sunset on Chapoquoit Beach, West Falmouth.SUBMITTED BY Elizabeth - Bull mastiff from Nantucket (Don't know the owner)SUBMITTED BY Zach Swift - Rory on the coffee table.SUBMITTED BY Dorene Sykes - Mindy and Mars have been best friends since we adopted him from People for Cats last August.SUBMITTED BY Jamie Roy - This is Mateo. He's a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua living  in SagamoreSUBMITTED BY Susan Clark - RustySUBMITTED BY Danielle Sabens - Luke (Skywalker)SUBMITTED BY Meg Mcdonald - front view of T-Bone, a Red Bloodhound him staring at the hamSUBMITTED BY Carol Coholan-Baker - Henry- All beagle 10 yr old male brother of Salty â¦..yen and yangSUBMITTED BY Caroline Curran - Lola shows her spirit on Saint Patrick's Day on Cape Cod.SUBMITTED BY Matt Skala - Beans on CouchSUBMITTED BY Sabrina Gillis - our pet diamond dove, DaisySUBMITTED BY Sabrina Gillis - our dog, BlondieSUBMITTED BY Alicia Bryant - Merry Christmas from Bailey and Doogan! From east FalmouthDoogan and BaileySUBMITTED BY Jim Irvine - SUBMITTED BY Kathleen Collins Weber - This is my cockapoo named Joey, his birthday is 4/12/12. He likes to help me in the garden!SUBMITTED BY Meg Mcdonald - side view of T-Bone, a Red Bloodhound him staring at the ham

This was by far the most difficult contest to judge we have run yet. We started off by narrowing the submissions down to what you see in the gallery. Next we got it down to two photos which are the first two in the gallery. At that point the photography department was stuck so we went to the design department for input and that is when Humphrey the pig was awarded first place. 


So congratulations to Humphrey and thanks to everyone else who submitted photos of their pets to the first annual Capenews.net Pets themed contest. The theme for our next contest will be announced in tomorrow's 3/28/14 email newsletter which you can sign up for here.


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