If No One Steps Forward, Street Hockey Rink Is A Goner

DAN CROWLEY/ENTERPRISE - This dilapidated street hockey rink is slated to be removed from the front of Sandwich High School. The school is looking for suggestions of where to relocate it. If no one steps forward, it will be gone for good.DAN CROWLEY/ENTERPRISE - The rink's walls are collapsing, partly due to last winter's storms and partly due to a high school student, whose car hit the rink.

Seventeen years ago, a portion of the parking lot at Sandwich High School was approved for use by inline skaters after the area was repaved.

The street hockey rink was supported by parents, members of the community, and then-superintendent Peter J. Cannone, and was viewed as a means to attract skaters who had been using the tennis courts at the Henry T. Wing School and the steps of the library.

Today, the rink sits in disrepair and in need of far more than a fresh coat of paint.

A large section of the wall has fallen apart, grass grows through the cracks in the pavement, and nails and wood splinters jut out from the remaining walls.


“It’s in major disrepair. It needs work and money,” school facilities director Alan Hall said. “We don’t have the funds to repair or replace it.”

According to Mr. Hall, the piece of wall that has fallen has been lying in the parking lot since around March, as the combined result of a student driving into the structure and one of the snowstorms that hit the Cape this past winter.

“Every year we have problems with it,” Mr. Hall said. “It’s in a parking lot. Students have driven into it, the wind knocks it over. It’s a safety concern.”

In July the Sandwich School Committee voted to dispose of the rink, but Mr. Hall has said that he is willing to work with anyone who has a good plan to move the rink to another location on the grounds and to help repair it.

“I’m not here to tear down the rink,” he said. “If people can put together a good plan, we’ll go from there.”

Anyone who wants to salvage the rink still has until September 5 to come to Mr. Hall with any ideas for doing so.

“Nobody’s really taken ownership. If anyone is interested, by all means contact me and let’s figure it out,” Mr. Hall said. “We’re not doing it tomorrow. There’s still some time.”

Mr. Hall can be reached by calling the facilities and grounds department at 508-888-3312.


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