Joe's Lobster Mart Owner Appeals Permit Revocation

Joe’s Lobster Mart Inc. and its president and owner, Joseph A. Vaudo of Sandwich, have appealed a decision by the state Department of Public Health to strip their seafood sales permit.


The state agency took the action after Mr. Vaudo pleaded guilty March 28 at Barnstable District Court in a case involving his purchase of stolen oysters, some of which may have been harvested from contaminated waters.

On April 15, the department issued the notice of agency action. The move gave Joe’s and Mr. Vaudo a 14-day window in which to appeal.

On April 25, attorney John A. Kiernan of Boston filed a notice of appearance with the state agency on the matter and requested an adjudicatory hearing.

On Tuesday, Anne Roach, a spokeswoman for the department, confirmed that the lobster mart and Mr. Vaudo had appealed the agency action to revoke its permit for the operation of the market. That appeal halts the revocation until the matter is decided.

Ms. Roach said that the hearing on the matter would take place before an administrative magistrate at the Division of Administrative Law Appeals.

Another state spokeswoman, Alex Zaroulis, said Wednesday that the division had not yet received a copy of the appeal. Once referred, she said, the matter would be assigned to a magistrate for case management.

“In the normal course, it would then be noticed for a pre-hearing conference within a couple of weeks,” Ms. Zaroulis said.

Mr. Vaudo could not be reached for comment on the matter yesterday. His attorney, Mr. Kiernan, declined comment, citing attorney-client privilege.


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  • Bud58

    Why is the state allowing him to operate business with a revoked license? especially since it has to do with selling polluted food to the public.This is a joke! He already went through the courts and he is GUILTY. It's all about the money, who's palm is he gonna have to grease! He should be shut down while appealing this!!!!!!!
  • Bud58

    He's well known for buying fish from unlicensed guys.