Local Sights, Local Talent Featured In New Feature-Length Film

COURTESY KEVIN LASIT - Production team members Maria Green, William Somerby, and Kevin Lasit prepare to shoot a scene.COURTESY KEVIN LASIT - The movie, which is Mr. Lasitâs first feature-length film, features a cast entirely comprising students from Mr. Lasitâs acting classes.COURTESY KEVIN LASIT - Director Kevin Lasit (right) and director of photography William Somerby work on the set of "back2one." The film will be premiered at Sandwich Town Hall on Monday, July 28.COURTESY KEVIN LASIT - A promotional poster for "back2one," a film written and directed by Kevin Lasit of Sandwich.

On Monday, July 28, Sandwich Town Hall will premiere the movie, “back2one,” which was written and directed by Kevin Lasit of Sandwich.

The movie, which is Mr. Lasit’s first feature-length film, features an entire cast comprising students from Mr. Lasit’s acting classes. Many of the actors are locals themselves.

The feature-length film is about a washed-up actor (played by Charlie Corey of Centerville) who, now that his career is floundering, is seeking to reclaim the role of a lifetime—that of being a father. While chasing his career he let his relationship with his daughter (Maureen Bates of Pembroke), now 26, fall to the wayside. Mr. Lasit said that the film was inspired by his own life and how he always strove to be an involved parent.


“A lot of things that happened to me in my childhood kind of inspired the movie,” Mr. Lasit said. “The movie is about forgiveness and how hard it is to let go of past wounds.”

As someone who had to start raising himself at 13 years old after his parents divorced, the film highlights themes that have impacted Mr. Lasit’s life.

“I’m quite the antithesis of my hero in this movie,” he said. “Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of family. I vowed that my kids would never grow up the way I grew up.” His parents both died when he was in his 20s.

The title, “back2one,” refers to the set direction when the director calls cut and the cast goes back to their starting positions. In relation to the film, it has to do with how all of the decisions the main character Billy makes lead back to himself.

Mr. Lasit grew up in California, where he met his wife, Melinda. While in California, he had pursued an acting career, landing several roles on television shows.

Five years ago the Lasits decided that their California neighborhood was becoming a place that was too dangerous and they moved the family to Sandwich to lead a quieter life and where Mr. Lasit could focus on other aspects of the entertainment industry.

Mr. Lasit worked briefly at Plymouth Rock Studios in Plymouth teaching acting. It was through this opportunity that he was able to connect with many of his students.

“The studio brought me the start of my students,” he said. “The majority of them had never acted a day in their lives. I’m proud to say that a lot of them are working.”

According to Mr. Lasit, the film is meant to showcase the talent of his students. It is not about becoming rich and famous and was written after watching Mr. Corey perform a monologue from “Everybody’s Fine,” with Robert DeNiro. Mr. Lasit decided that people needed to see what Mr. Corey could do with his acting abilities and woke up one day in February 2012 and started writing the script. “By lunchtime I had about half a movie,” he said.

Ms. Lasit is currently the choral music teacher at Sandwich High School and, together, the Lasits work to direct and choreograph shows put on by the Knights Theater Company and the Sandwich Soul show choir.

Mr. Lasit also teaches an acting class that is held at the Sandwich Community Television station in Sandwich. He did not hold auditions for this film, instead casting about 100 actors who had all been students in his classes.

Filming for the movie began that May. According to Mr. Lasit, it took 30 days of total filming time spread out over the course of seven months.

“We were weekend warriors with this,” he said. After filming was complete, it was another year before director of photography William Somerby of Middleborough completed the editing.

Mr. Lasit has entered the movie into several film festivals in New York, California, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Toronto and is waiting to see if it has been accepted.

The filming locations were all either public or made accessible for filming through personal connections. Some of the locations included Main Street in Sandwich, the Scargo area in Dennis, and a restaurant in Duxbury.

The film was made on a budget of $2,700. With such a tight budget, Mr. Lasit learned to do the actors’ make-up himself after spending one day with a professional make-up artist. His production staff, Maria Green from Plymouth, who was an associate producer and production assistant, and Mr. Somerby, donated a lot of their time to making the film.

Since the film deals with a lot of serious themes, there were times when Mr. Lasit would often try to find ways to lighten the mood, especially following particularly heavy scenes.

“One time, the main character collapses in the story, and the camera was on the ground (his point-of-view) and all the actors leaned in toward the camera as if looking at the main character,” he said. “I poked my head in and said something silly. I forget what it was, but it made everyone laugh.”

He said that this was his way of making the atmosphere on set a little bit lighter and sometimes they forgot that they were shooting a drama.

The premiere at Sandwich Town Hall will run from 6 until 10 PM, beginning with hors d’oeuvres and ending with a question and answer session with the filmmakers. Seating is limited to 200, and tickets are $15 at the door. There will be two lines to enter the premiere, and priority seating will be given to actors and those directly involved with the film; however, there are working plans to hold a second screening in August.

Additional information about the film can be found on the film’s website, back2onemovie.com.


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