Marstons Mills Bank Robber Gets 10-Year Sentence

A man who robbed a bank in Marstons Mills last year and then drove to Sandwich, where he dumped his getaway vehicle and stole another car that he used to flee off-Cape, has been sentenced to more than 10 years in state prison, according to the Barnstable County District Attorney's Office.

The man, Brian Iliffe, pleaded guilty to a charge of armed masked robbery and a host of other charges in Barnstable Superior Court.

According to police, on April 8, 2013, Mr. Iliffe used a friend's Chevrolet Equinox without her permission to drive to the Eastern Bank in Marstons Mills. He entered the bank, handed the teller a note stating he had a gun and demanded that the teller put the money in a plastic baggie.


He left the bank with $1,418 in cash, then drove the black SUV to the Stop & Shop in Sandwich, police said.

Surveillance video showed Mr. Iliffe throwing an article of clothing into a garbage can at the entrance to the store, then entering the store and purchasing a Net cellphone, police said.

Upon leaving the Stop & Shop, Mr. Iliffe stole a red Toyota MR2 parked in the parking lot and drove to New Bedford, where he used the stolen bank money to make purchases at several stores, police said.

The stolen MR2 was later recovered by New Bedford police, with the packaging materials for the Net cellphone located inside, police said.

Mr. Iliffe was arrested two days later. He was wearing sneakers purchased from the stolen bank money and carrying the Net cellphone and keys to the Chevrolet Equinox he drove when he robbed the Eastern Bank, police said.

One month after his arrest, while Mr. Iliffe was in custody at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility awaiting trial, he became involved in an altercation with several inmates during which he struck a corrections officer, causing injury, according to the Barnstable County DA.

He also pleaded guilty in Superior Court to the assault.

In addition to being sentenced to 10 years for the robbery and car theft, he was sentenced to 1-1/2 to two years in state prison for assaulting the corrections officer, the Barnstable County DA said.


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