New Burger Joint Gets OK To Add Beer And Wine To Its Menu

J. D.'s Burgers - J. D.'s Burgers

Just in time for summer, JD’s Burger Co. has obtained a full liquor license and is now serving beer and wine with its burgers and salads.

The three-month-old restaurant in Heritage Park Plaza (across from the movie theater) is owned and operated by husband and wife team, John W. (Jack) Neal II and Kristie S. Neal, who grew up in Sandwich and have raised their children here.

JD’s Burger Co. is the Neals’ first foray into the restaurant business and they have two of their children working in the restaurant alongside them, their daughter Mackenzie, 18, and their youngest son, Cody, 15. “We want this to be fun and not stressful,” Ms. Neal said. “Working with my kids is great.”

Locals might also recognize Ms. Neal as the owner of The Crazy Camel, a toy store that had a location a few doors down from their current venture.

Their menu is extensive and offers a type of burger for every taste, from certified Angus beef burgers to chicken burgers to black bean burgers. Customers even have the option to build their own burger, with choices of cheeses and toppings like avocado, hummus, and fresh pesto. For those looking for something lighter, there is an array of salads to choose from. “We don’t want to alienate anyone,” Ms. Neal said.

“We’re trying to target everyone,” Mr. Neal said. “We have something for everyone.”

Mr. Neal said they take their customers’ comments very seriously from stocking a type of soda someone asks for to adding eggs to their burgers. “This place is a living, breathing machine,” he said. “Three months in and we have a completely new menu.”

Over the past several years, the site of their restaurant has been a coffee shop, a Mediterranean restaurant, and a movie-themed restaurant serving American food.

While it might seem like a daunting location for another restaurant to choose, the Neals are optimistic that their restaurant has staying power.

“We as a family aren’t going anywhere. We wanted to be proud of whatever we put our name on,” Ms. Neal said. “We want to be here for the long haul.”


Part of that long haul includes plenty of ideas for expansion.

“We’re thinking about and really excited for the potential,” Ms. Neal said. She also said they are thinking about starting table service at some point.

JD’s Burger Co. does not have any formal advertising and instead relies on word of mouth and social media, which according to the Neals has been successful so far.

“I love it when people say that it’s the best burger they ever had and that they’ll be back,” Ms. Neal said. “Kids are telling their parents to come in.”

With the addition of beer and wine, an appetizer menu, and made-to-order food, JD’s Burger Co. is setting itself apart from other burger joints. “We’re not fast food. We’re not going to be the cheapest, but you’ll leave full and satisfied,” Mr. Neal said. “People are coming in here and getting what they want.”

Customers are treated like they are a part of the family and often know the Neals from around town.

“Come in, have a good time, have a burger,” Ms. Neal said. “It’s like you’re coming into our house. That’s how I feel. That’s how I look at this.”


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