Police Investigate A Series Of Car Break-Ins In Forestdale

Police are investigating a series of five car break-ins at four homes that occurred on Friday and Saturday, August 1 and  2, in Forestdale. The break-ins all took place in the neighborhoods off of Route 130 near the Forestdale School.

Two of the vehicles were on Bramblebush Drive, two on Greenville Drive, and one was on Shagbark Road. Among missing items are two GPS units, an undisclosed amount of money, and a CD case containing 100 CDs.

Police have determined that all of the vehicles had been left unlocked as there were no signs of forced entry on any of the vehicles.


There are currently no suspects in these incidents and police are in the process of conducting an investigation.

Police encourage residents to not only make sure that they are locking their vehicles, but to also be mindful not to leave valuable items in their cars as thieves are also likely to smash car windows if they see something that they want and the car is locked.


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