Precautions Taken After More Loose Concrete Found On Sandwich High School Building

Anyone headed into Sandwich High School will have to navigate around a temporary chainlink fence that now stretches from the front door all around the left side of the building, to where a large chunk of concrete window molding fell from the building and crashed to the ground back in October.

The piece, measuring five feet long and weighing several hundred pound, fell from a third-story window. It crashed to the sidewalk just outside the office of Superintendent C. Richard Canfield, shortly after a Special Town Meeting had adjourned on October 22. No one was hurt in the incident.

Alan Hall, director of facilities for the Sandwich public schools, said that soon after that incident, he was able to pull another concrete window sill away from a first floor window just by hand.

“That’s why we’re taking protective measures; keeping people away from that side of the building” Mr. Hall said.

The fence went up Monday afternoon as a safety precaution on the advice of town building inspector, Paul D. Spiro.

He said that the town has hired an engineering firm, Gale Associates of Weymouth to conduct a search for the contractor that will do the repair work, which will include replacing four precast concrete window sills.
They will also investigate and determine what has caused the window sills to come loose, and come up with a way to make sure the sills do not come lose again.

Mr. Hall said that people meeting with Dr. Canfield, or anyone who has business with someone in the wing of the school housing the school administration offices, will have to enter the building through the front lobby, and not the side door that would bring one immediately into that section of the school.

“That door is now for emergency egress only,” Mr. Hall said, noting that students aren’t supposed to use that door anyway.



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