Road Repairs Slated To Begin In Sandwich

The roads may be weary, but the money is arriving—and driving around Sandwich likely will become a less-bumpy experience in the coming weeks and months.

Sandwich’s director of public works, Paul S. Tilton, said on Thursday, May 29 that work is scheduled to start next week on potholes and rough patches on roads around town.

Drivers can see the spots scheduled for repairs outlined in white paint on the pavement.

Mr. Tilton said the town recently received $119,000 from the state’s “Winter Rapid Recovery Road Program.” The public works director said he has not seen funds awarded under that program in past years, and believes the funding is tied to this year’s harsh winter.


Sandwich is still waiting for final approval by the state on its regular Chapter 90 funds for road upkeep, which this year is estimated at $790,000.

Mr. Tilton said the town, working with private contractors, will perform patching and related road repairs in June. He anticipates the work will gobble up the special $119,000 funding in several weeks.
The town will tap its regular Chapter 90 funds to fund the remainder of the patching work.

During the summer, Mr. Tilton said, the town will seal cracks and engage in surface treatments on roads throughout town.

Starting in the fall, the town will start spending the $1.3 million voted earlier this month by Sandwich voters at Annual Town Meeting and the town election to engage in longer-term repairs.
Main Street, Beale Avenue, Old County Road and the parking lot at the Sandwich Public Library are priorities for the longer-term repair work.

Mr. Tilton cautions the motoring public that the roadway improvement gain will not be without some temporary pain.

“We would like to alert the public of potential delays during paving projects, and we thank them for their patience during the construction season,” he said.


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