Sandwich Cop Logs May 12-18, 2014

Monday, May 12

Police responded to a concerned caller at 8:08 AM reporting shots fired near their back yard on Weaver Way, which abuts conservation land. When officers arrived, all was quiet and they searched for hunting vehicles, which were not found.

Tuesday, May 13

A woman was observed walking into the police station at 8:08 PM carrying an item in a brown paper bag, which she then left in the station. The item turned out to be a Kindle Fire HD and police are attempting to locate the owner. The woman returned to the station later and was determined to have possible psychological issues. She was transported to Cape Cod Hospital.

Wednesday, May 14


A person walked into the police station at 5:12 PM reporting that they had lost their cellphone at Stop & Shop. An app used to track lost phones showed that the phone was in the downtown area. The phone was later located by the owner.

* * *

A caller from Shipwreck Ice Cream reported an abandoned blue Schwinn bicycle on the property at 9:30 PM. Police are attempting to locate the owner.

Thursday, May 15

At 2:25 AM Sergeant William R. Patton pulled over Zain Mian, 21, of Sandwich. Sgt. Patton observed Mr. Mian driving his car at high speeds and crossing marked lanes on Water Street. When Sgt. Patton approached the car, he noticed that Mr. Zain had bloodshot, glassy eyes and smelled of alcohol. Mr. Zain failed the field sobriety tests, was arrested and charged with operating under the influence of liquor (2nd offense), marked lanes violation, and speeding. He was transported to the station where he was booked and bailed.

* * *

Police responded to reports of a domestic disturbance at 7:36 AM on Bourne Hay Road. Upon arrival, officers witnessed a verbal dispute between a mother and son. It was determined that no assault had taken place and there was no need for a restraining order.

* * *

A caller reported at 11:35 AM a suspicious black vehicle that had been parked for four hours at Harlow Road and Bourne Hay Road. Responding officers discovered that the vehicle belonged to a private investigator. No further details were available.

* * *

At 9:17 PM, police received a 911 call resulting in a hang-up. Upon calling back, it was discovered that a husband and wife were in the middle of a verbal dispute. When officers arrived at the Timber Way address, it was determined that no assaults had taken place. Both the husband and wife were advised of their rights and one of them opted to leave the home for the night.

Friday, May 16

A driver of an NStar vehicle reported at 3:28 PM that their vehicle was being followed by another driver who was yelling and giving rude hand gestures. The responding officer spoke with the driver on Woodspring Farm Lane and gave them a warning.

* * *

Officers responded to Hoxie Pond at 4:11 PM where there had been reports of a suspicious person who seemed to be “out of it” and possibly not wearing pants. A woman with a history of mental health concerns was located and transported to Cape Cod Hospital for evaluation.

* * *

Police responded to a 911 call at 8:06 PM reporting that their 14-year-old son with Down syndrome was missing. The boy was located a short time later and was returned home.

Saturday, May 17

At 9:18 AM police received a call complaining of a young man dressed in hospital clothes asking for money near the bank on Cotuit Road. The young man was gone by the time officers arrived.

* * *

Police responded to a 911 call from Hillside Drive at 4:54 PM reporting four teenagers wearing dark, hooded sweatshirts carrying around what appeared to be guns. Responding officers found the boys playing in their yard and spoke with their mother. There were determined to be no issues, and the caller was advised that there were no real weapons involved.

* * *

Police responded to a call at 5:01 PM from School Street reporting that sometime the previous night, a tire had been placed in front of the front door of a home. The caller wanted the incident logged. It is suspected that neighborhood kids are likely the culprits.

Sunday, May 18

At 7:14 PM, Barnstable police advised Sandwich police that they noticed someone driving erratically near the town line. Patrolman Michael P. Wood located the vehicle on Route 6A and pulled over Jessica N. Winters, 35, of South Easton. When Ptl. Wood approached the vehicle he noted slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Ms. Winters failed the field sobriety tests and was arrested for operating under the influence and a marked lanes violation. She was transported to the station, where she was booked and bailed.


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