Sandwich Cop Logs May 5 - 11, 2014

Monday, May 5

Police received an e-mail at 7:38 AM from someone complaining about banging on their door at 3 AM on April 27. They also reported seeing a station wagon driving slowly around the area. The incident is under investigation.

* * *

Police responded to a report of damage done to playground equipment on Osprey Lane at 9:39 AM. According to police, the grounds manager discovered a large wooden play ship was covered in chalk marks, ink pen marks, and spray paint. Police were unable to determine who had caused the damage.

Tuesday, May 6

Police responded to a car crash on Service Road at 1:20 PM. Brandon W. Murphy, 30, of Fall River was driving a tractor-trailer truck and cut a corner while turning onto Service Road. This caused him to collide with a car driven by Clinton L. Walker, 49, of Sandwich, pinning Mr. Walker’s vehicle between a guardrail and the truck. There were no injuries, and Mr. Murphy was cited for failure to stay within marked lanes.

* * *

Officers responded to reports of a domestic disturbance in progress on Great Hill Road at 3:44 PM. When police arrived, they found a man lying face-down on the living room floor, complaining of neck pain. An ambulance was requested, and the victim was transported to Cape Cod Hospital. The man accused of the assault, Jared P. Bolduc, 30, of Sandwich, had fled the scene before police arrived. Mr. Bolduc was later found, arrested and charged with assault and battery.


Wednesday, May 7

Police responded to a car crash at Quaker Meetinghouse Road and Quaker Village Lane at 3:55 PM. Elisa F. Tropp, 45, of Sandwich was stopped on Quaker Meetinghouse when her car was rear-ended by the vehicle driven by Carl Miller, 37, of Plymouth. Mr. Miller was found to be at fault for the collision and was cited for failure to yield for a motor vehicle stopped in traffic.

Thursday, May 8

Police responded to a caller reporting youths drinking beer and playing with a pellet gun on Route 6A at 7:12 PM. According to police, all of those drinking beer were over 21 years of age and were in their own yard.

Friday, May 9

A caller reported a silver car with a suspicious person sitting inside on Popple Bottom Road at 4:55 AM. Police determined that the person in the car was waiting to go turkey hunting.

* * *

Police responded to a 911 call reporting two men with gray hair operating a truck and wandering around on Crescent Hill Road at 5:25 PM. The caller said they knocked on the window of the truck and the two men fled. According to police, it appeared that the incident was in relation to a house being listed for sale.

* * *

At 5:56 PM, a person walked into the police station reporting a woman and two children begging for money outside of Stop & Shop. The woman was informed of the town bylaw prohibiting this type of action and she left the area.

Saturday, May 10

A concerned neighbor on Anchor Drive reported at 5:03 AM that the house across from them had left their front door open all night. Patrolman Gregory Jaroszuk spoke with the owner of the home and everything checked out.

* * *

Police responded to a call from Hillside Road at 5:12 PM requesting to speak to an officer to report that his wife had been abusing him. When officers arrived, they determined the incident to be a verbal domestic dispute and they advised the wife of her domestic rights. She declined to file a restraining order and there are no charges currently pending. The husband was transported to Cape Cod Hospital for evaluation.

Sunday, May 11

Sandwich police responded to a request from Mashpee police to search the home of a suspect in a stabbing in Mashpee at 12:06 AM. Officers arrived at the Wellfield Road address where they arrested Patrick E. Ivers, 23, of Sandwich and transferred him into Mashpee police custody.


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