Sandwich Meeting Voters Say Yes To Stadium Turf, Road Repairs

Sandwich town meeting
GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - Sandwich town meeting

Voters at Monday’s Annual Town Meeting, May 5, approved spending $500,000 for the installation of artificial turf at the main athletic field at Sandwich High School, but not until after a lengthy debate.

Meeting participants voted 219-146 to approve a one-year capital expenditure exclusion to fund the work, which would occur at the Gerald F. DeConto Veterans Memorial Stadium at the school.

The proposal now is scheduled to go before the voters at the town election, which will be held from 7 AM to 8 PM Thursday, May 8.

The proposal would cost the average residential property in Sandwich $48 in the coming fiscal year.

A vote in Thursday’s election also would be necessary to pass another proposal approved at Monday’s Town Meeting, this one to spend $1.3 million in the coming fiscal year to repair town roads and infrastructure.


The plan is to fund the proposal through a one-year capital expenditure exclusion that would cost the average residential property in Sandwich about $123 for the coming year.

In other action at Monday’s meeting, voters:

- Approved a $70.1 million town operating budget for the coming fiscal year with no discussion.

- Approved the use of $1.3 million in community preservation funds to cover the installation of bleachers and new lighting at the DeConto stadium.

- Approved a new valuation agreement with NRG Energy for the Canal Electric power plant which would cut the assessed value of the plant by $60 million, or 37 percent, over the next four fiscal years. NRG is by far the town’s largest taxpayer.

- Rejected a petition article directing the selectmen to place a question on Sandwich’s next election ballot, asking whether the town should be released from the authority of the Cape Cod Commission and the Cape Cod Commission Act. Town moderator Garry N. Blank said the proposal, even if passed, would not be legally binding.


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