Sandwich Police Bust Marijuana Growing Operation

Sandwich police arrested two men from Meridith Road in Forestdale for allegedly running a sophisticated marijuana cultivation operation in the basement of the home.

Detective Sergeant Terence P. Murphy obtained a search warrant after an investigation into the cultivation operation.

Police served the warrant last night at 7:20 PM, and seized 35 two-to-four-foot tall marijuana plants growing in buckets in a makeshift room in the basement. The room was equipped with solar lamps on timers, a ventilation system, an air flow director, and a humidity monitoring system. Police also seized 260 grams of bagged marijuana and over $1,600 in cash.

Police arrested Brian S. Nelson, 30, and Ryan E. Green, 30, for possession with intent to distribute a Class D drug. Both men were bailed and scheduled for arraignment this morning.


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