Sandwich Police Logs August 11 - 17, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

At 8:47 AM police received a call from a Patrick’s Way resident who was reporting that a personal vehicle had been broken into at some point overnight. The only items missing from the vehicle were some business cards.

The caller was on the way to work and did not request an officer to investigate the incident.

* * *

Police responded to a call from the Cape Cod Canal parking lot at 5:49 PM from someone who was reporting having found a lost 7-year-old boy. Police transported the boy to his home in Sagamore and spoke with the boy’s father.

* * *

At 7:44 PM police were alerted to a possible home break-in on Brightside Lane. An officer was dispatched to the residence where two dents were noticed on the doorknob, but the officer was unable to determine that the dents were definitely caused by an attempted break-in. There did not appear to be anything taken from the home and it did not appear that entry to the home had been gained.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

At 7:36 AM police responded to a caller from Highfield Drive who was reporting that two cars on the caller’s property had been broken into overnight. In the incident, two GPS units were stolen. The scene was processed for prints, but there are no suspects at this time.

* * *

Police responded to a caller from Ploughed Neck Road at 4:28 PM who was reporting that the caller’s home had been broken into sometime after 1:30 PM. It was determined that entry to the home had been gained through an unlocked door and a computer and television were missing from the home. The scene was processed by the sheriff’s office and a canvass was conducted of the neighborhood. No suspects were found at that time.

* * *

At 6:26 PM police were alerted to a car break-in on Greenville Drive, where the vehicle was entered and an iPad was stolen. The scene was processed for fingerprints and the neighborhood was canvassed. Police have a lead on a suspect, but no further information is available at this time.

* * *

Police responded to a call from Ed Moffit Drive at 6:32 PM from someone claiming to have been a victim of a telephone scam. The caller told police that someone claiming to be from NStar had called and said that the caller had an overdue electric bill that needed to be settled immediately. The caller was told to purchase Green Dot prepaid cards in order to settle the bill. The phone numbers that were used to contact the victim were given to police, which have been forwarded to detectives. According to police, this is a known and ongoing scam and remains under investigation.

* * *

A caller from Carr Lane reported a large fire in the area at 11:58 PM. The Sandwich Fire Department was notified. Upon arrival, it was determined the fire was coming from a concrete fire pit but there had been no permit obtained for the fire. The flames of the fire were reaching above the limbs of the surrounding trees, which was cause for concern. The fire department extinguished the fire.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Police responded to a call coming from the Forestdale Shell station at 6:18 PM. The caller was alerting police to a person who was possibly impaired entering a vehicle and driving away toward Mashpee. Police located the vehicle and spoke to the driver, who they determined was not under the influence of anything.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

At 12:59 PM police responded to a caller at the intersection of Regents Gate and Windsor Road who was reporting an incident of larceny. The caller told police that a picnic table had been stolen from the neighborhood circle. A neighborhood canvass was conducted, but no further information about the stolen table was discovered. The table is valued at approximately $90.

* * *

Police responded to reports of vandalism at the town water treatment building on Guild Road at 4:43 PM. It was determined that a garage door at the building had been defaced with either black spray paint or a black marker. The damage was photographed. There are no suspects at this time.

* * *

At 5:12 PM police were alerted to an incident of malicious destruction of a Meredith Road property. A caller told police that a mailbox had been stolen and a “For Sale” sign was in the yard. Police were unable to locate the mailbox and the sign was returned to the real estate agent. There are no suspects in this incident.

* * *

Police responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a car crash on Route 130 at 10:06 PM. The crash occurred when Marko S. Belgrade, 23, of Sandwich was slowing down to make a turn and Alyssa F. Buttrick, 20, of Sandwich failed to notice that he had slowed and had his turn signal on, causing her car to collide with the rear end of Mr. Belgrade’s car. There were no injuries in the crash and no citations were issued.

Friday, August 15, 2014

At 12:45 PM police responded to someone reporting a bike had been stolen while the caller was inside the Forestdale School. Police said a custodian from the school reported seeing three boys riding bikes across a field. The area was checked, but police were not able to locate the bike or the boys. The missing bike was described as a blue-and-silver mountain bike.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

At 4:28 AM police responded to a 911 call from a Grand Oak Road resident who was reporting that her car had just been broken into. The car alarm was going off and she discovered that the car had been gone through.

Both the glove compartment and center console were open and items had been tossed around the car. A K-9 track was attempted but nonconclusive. Fingerprints from the scene were processed. Police have identified a possible suspect, but no information was immediately available to the press.

* * *

A caller from Pin Oak Drive alerted police at 11:54 AM that a personal vehicle had been broken into overnight. The caller did not request an officer, but told police that approximately $20 in change had been stolen from the vehicle.

* * *

Police responded to a minor car crash on Quaker Meetinghouse Road at 1:15 PM. The crash occurred when Robert Abreu, 61, of Norton slowed down to turn left onto the Exit 3 on ramp at Route 6 and his car was rear-ended by a car driven by Robert Labossiere, 18, of Buzzards Bay, who was unable to slow his vehicle in time. There were no injuries and no citations were issued.

* * *

A caller from Grand Oak Road alerted police at 1:19 PM that someone might have attempted to enter her house early that morning. She told police that around 4 AM her three dogs started barking and she noticed that the back yard gate and side storm door were both open, even though they had been closed before she went to bed the night before. The scene was processed for fingerprints. The police have a suspect in the case, but no further information was available to the press.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

At 1:58 PM police responded to Guild Road, where someone had reported a house break-in. The victim told police that Jeffery A. Franklin, 34, of Forestdale had broken into the home and confronted him about a past relationship with a girl. The victim told police that Mr. Franklin had a knife in his possession but that he did not brandish it. An investigation was conducted and a warrant was requested for home invasion and malicious destruction. Mr. Franklin was later located on Artisan Way and arrested on the warrant charges as well as on an outstanding warrant from Barnstable District Court.

* * *

Police arrested Dustin A. Pratt, 30, of Forestdale on an outstanding warrant from Plymouth County. Mr. Pratt was located and arrested at the Sandwich police station at 9:13 PM. No information about the nature of the warrant was available.


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