Sandwich Police Logs June 17 -22, 2014

Tuesday, June 17
Police responded to reports of a disturbance in the parking lot of Stop & Shop on Route 6A at 10:02 PM. The caller said that the disturbance was coming from a car that was in the parking lot. After speaking with both people in the vehicle, police determined that the incident was a verbal domestic and no assaults had taken place.

Wednesday, June 18

Police responded to reports of a car crash near Stop & Shop on Route 6A at 4:21 PM. According to police, the crash occurred when Bhavesh Jani, 37, of Bourne had stopped his vehicle in traffic and it was rear-ended by the vehicle driven by William F. Martell, 23, of Osterville. Mr. Martell was cited for following too closely. There were no injuries, but Mr. Martell’s vehicle needed to be towed.

Thursday, June 18

At 5:44 AM, police responded to a one-vehicle crash on Pimlico Pond Road. Paul V. McCaffrey, 73, of Forestdale had been driving on Lighthouse Lane toward Pimlico Pond Road when he lost control of his vehicle, causing it to cross Pimlico Pond Road and crash through a wooded area in front of a home on the street, police said. The vehicle came to rest against a tree. Mr. McCaffrey was uninjured and did not receive any citations.

* * *

Police responded to a caller from a home on Main Street at 3:19 PM reporting that his son was yelling at him. Upon arrival, police determined the incident to have been a verbal domestic dispute and that no assaults had occurred. The son agreed to leave the house with no further incident.

* * *

A call came in from a Quaker Village Lane resident at 3:40 PM claiming that several vehicles in the area had been broken into overnight. Police responded and found that credit cards, cash, a wallet, and change had been taken from four vehicles. The vehicles had been left unlocked. A criminal investigative officer from the county investigated the vehicles and a neighborhood canvass was conducted. The incident remains under investigation.

* * *

Police responded to numerous calls reporting a car crash at Snake Pond and Freedom roads at 9:21 PM. According to the police report, Thomas M. Lounsbury, 27, of Onset was driving on Snake Pond Road when he reached down to pick up a pair of glasses that was on the floor of his vehicle. This action caused him to go off the road and to collide with a fire hydrant. Mr. Lounsbury was not injured and was cited for failure to stay within marked lanes.

Friday, June 20

A woman calling from the CVS Pharmacy on Tupper Road alerted police at 7:40 PM that she believed someone had tried to use a stolen credit card in the store. According to police, the incident remains under investigation.

Saturday, June 21

Police responded to reports of a minor car crash on Route 130 at 5:05 PM. The crash occurred when Robin L. Perry, 51, of East Falmouth was driving on Route 130 and attempted to make a U-turn, causing her to collide with a vehicle driven by Thomas Phillips, 47, of Sandwich, who thought Ms. Perry was turning right and tried to pass her. There were no injuries reported and no citations were issued.

Sunday, June 22

Police responded to reports of a car crash on Route 130 at Exit 2 at 1:08 PM. The crash occurred when Fabton M. Mader, 50, of Germany was stopped in traffic and was hit from behind by a vehicle driven by Madeline LaRochelle, 18, of Sandwich, police said. There were no injuries or citations issued, although Ms. LaRochelle was determined to be at fault for the accident.

* * *

At 8:11 PM, police responded to reports of a domestic disturbance at the Holly Ridge Golf Club on Country Club Road. According to police, Gwynn A. Dorman, 47, of Sandwich had met at the club with her estranged husband to turn over some items and during the course of the exchange, Ms. Dorman assaulted him. Police observed scratches and other red marks on his face and left arm. Ms. Dorman was arrested on assault and battery charges and transported to the station, where she was booked and bailed.


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