Sandwich Police Logs June 9 - 15, 2014

Monday, June 9
Police responded to a caller reporting a suspicious vehicle on Route 6A at 8:56 AM. The caller told police that the vehicle had been parked for several days. The caller said it felt out place. Police determined that the vehicle was registered to a person from Hanover. Attempts were made to contact the owner and there has been no further investigation required.

* * *

An employee from Eastern Bank on Cotuit Road alerted police to their discovery of a counterfeit bill at 11:14 AM. The employee had found the fake $20 in a bag deposited by a local business. Police contacted the business owner, who had no idea who could have paid with the bill. According to police, the US Secret Service will be notified about the incident.


Tuesday, June 10

Police responded to a home on Knott Avenue at 4:35 PM where a caller claimed that her stepson needed to be removed from the property. When officers arrived, they spoke with the stepson in the driveway. The incident was determined to be a verbal domestic dispute. There were no assaults and the stepson left the home for the evening.

* * *

A 911 call alerted police to a domestic dispute on Asa Meiggs Road at 8:48 PM. When police arrived, they found that it was a verbal dispute between a husband and wife after the husband had been drinking. Both people were advised of their domestic rights. No assaults had occurred in the incident.

* * *

Police responded to an apartment on Barberry Mew at 10:35 PM after a woman called to tell police that her husband was drunk and belligerent outside the apartment. When police arrived, they found that the man had complied with his wife’s request to go inside and go to bed.

Wednesday, June 11

At 8:24 AM, a woman called police from Quaker Meetinghouse Road claiming she was being held captive in her car by an irate client. Upon arrival, Patrolman Philip H. Anderson determined that the suspect had once been the longtime girlfriend of the caller, but that relationship had ended. There were no assaults and the caller was advised of her domestic rights. According to police she might be seeking a protective order.

Thursday, June 12

A woman walked into the police station at 8:04 PM to report a case of harassment. She told Patrolman Michael P. Wood that she had been receiving numerous unwanted text messages from someone she had once been dating. The suspect was contacted and advised that if their behavior did not stop, they would be facing harassment charges.

Friday, June 13

Police responded to a home on Route 6A at 8:01 AM where a caller claimed their car had been broken into overnight. Police found that a window in the vehicle had been smashed and several items had been taken. The scene was processed by a criminal investigative officer from the county and a canvass was conducted. The incident remains under investigation. The items missing include an iPad, some medications, and a briefcase.

Saturday, June 14

Police received a 911 call at 12:39 AM from a man reporting that an item had been thrown through his windshield on Route 130 in front of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. It was determined that an object from a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction had either been thrown or dislodged from the vehicle, causing a significant dent and windshield damage to the caller’s vehicle. Police were unable to locate the object that caused the damage.

Sunday, June 15

Police responded to a neighborhood dispute at 3:41 PM on Harbor Street involving both adults and children. An adult had apparently made a comment that upset a child who had heard the comment. The parents of the child in turn became upset and a verbal dispute broke out. According to police there were no assaults and the people involved were advised of their anti-harassment rights if the behavior continued.


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