Sandwich Police Seek Help In Solving Syringe Mystery

One of the bags of kitty litter found with a syringe in it.SANDWICH POLICE DEPARTMENT - One of the bags of kitty litter found with a syringe in it.

Over the past year, someone has been throwing zip-top plastic freezer bags, stuffed with cat litter and hypodermic syringes, onto roads in South Sandwich.

The neighborhoods where these bags are being found include Bob White Circle, Clipper Circle, and Cotuit Road, near Boardley Road. Sandwich police have been finding the bags on weekday mornings, between 4 and 7 AM, during their regular patrols of the areas, but have not been able to find who is responsible.

More than a dozen bags have been picked up by the police. Five, since September alone. Police fear that there have been more, but they just weren’t found or reported.


“We have no idea who is doing this, or why, and we need the public’s help. Our main concern is that the baggies will make their way to the side of the road and a child will pick them up and get stuck by one of the needles. Some of the locations have been near school bus stops,”  police Lieutenant David J. Guillemette said.

Police bring the discarded needles to the fire department for proper handling. The syringes found in the baggies have been capped, and appear to be used, but the police do not know what they are being used for.

“There are proper ways to dispose of needles, but this isn’t it.  We don’t know what is in them or if they are used for animal or human injections. Either way this creates a health hazard,” Lt. Guillemette said.

Lt. Guillemette asks that anyone with information about these bags of medical waste to call them on the non-emergency line at 508-888-3343 and speak to the officer on dispatch.

“We are looking for anyone that may have witnessed these baggies ending up in the middle of the road, or for the person responsible to come forward. We need to understand how this is happening and stop it before someone gets hurt,” Lt. Guillemette said.


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