Sandwich Superintendent Passed Over For Idaho Job

update 5/6/14 11:07am:

Sandwich superintendent C. Richard Canfield owns a home and has family in the Idaho county where he had recently applied for a job.

According to a report in the Twin Falls Times-News, a newspaper that covers Blaine County, Idaho, Dr. Canfield and his wife have vacationed in Blaine County since 1992. Their son and daughter-in-law are firefighters in the county.

Dr. Canfield was one of two finalists for the superintendent’s post in Blaine County. The other candidate was eventually chosen.

“The folks that I’ve worked with in Sandwich are very much aware that I have family there,” Dr. Canfield said when reached for comment this week. “An opportunity was available and I was encouraged to apply.”

“I’m very happy where I am in Sandwich,” Dr. Canfield said. “Ultimately the mutual conclusion was that Blaine County was not going to be a good fit for me. It’s that simple and that’s all there is to it.”


Sandwich’s Superintendent of Schools C. Richard Canfield narrowly missed out last month on a new job as superintendent in Blaine County, Idaho.

Dr. Canfield, who has led the Sandwich school district since April 2011, applied for the Blaine County post and was chosen as one of two finalists. The other finalist was Gwen Carol Holmes, the chief academic officer of Alexandria Public Schools in Alexandria, Virginia.

Dr. Canfield was in Idaho as recently as two weeks ago, during Sandwich’s April vacation week, to take part in a community forum with Dr. Holmes at Wood River High School, one of two high schools in the Blaine County district, according to a report in the Twin Falls Times-News.    

On April 24, the Blaine County School Committee selected Dr. Holmes for the job, according to the Times-News report.

Blaine County has a population of roughly 21,000 – about the same as Sandwich. The county seat and largest city is Hailey. The county is home to the Sun Valley ski resort, adjacent to Ketchum.


Dr. Canfield came to Sandwich in 2011 after the town’s school district experienced several tumultuous years under the direction of Superintendent Mary Ellen Johnson, who ended up suing the town for breach of contract.

Dr. Canfield was hired, in part, to be a stabilizing force for the district. He succeeded in this task, receiving rave reviews from the school committee.  

More recently, he has begun ushering large scale changes for the district, most notably he organized a push to create a STEM Academy for 7th and 8th graders inside Sandwich High School. That academy is set to open next fall.

He is also at the helm of an effort to close the aged Henry T. Wing School – something he hopes to accomplish in 2015 -- and reorganize the two remaining K-6 schools, possibly as one serving elementary school children and the other for middle schoolers.

Dr. Canfield could not be reached for comment last night.


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  • concernedteacherma

    If he is so happy in Sandwich why apply for another job? And if he is applying for another job(s?), why sign a 3 year contract and push for so many drastic changes in a district he is willing to leave?