Sandwich Town Clerk: Anti-Muslim Postings Made In Jest

On Sunday, August 24, Sandwich Town Clerk Taylor D. White posted two public Facebook comments about Muslims—comments that he said yesterday were made in jest.

Mr. White posted the comments on another individual’s Facebook page after that individual posted an article about a Winooski, Vermont, restaurant that removed a sign referring to bacon that they had posted in a flower garden they had sponsored in town.

According to the article, the restaurant removed the sign after a woman, who identified herself as a vegan and a Muslim, said in an online forum that the sign was “insensitive to those who do not consume pork.”

The posting of the story drew a flurry of comments, including two from Mr. White.


At 5:56 PM Sunday, he posted, “Let’s dedicate September to ‘offend Muslims month.’ Do everything in your power to irritate the ‘religion of peace.’ These people NEED to be taught a lesson!”

At 5:57 PM, he posted, “I will be tossing a slab of bacon.”

Yesterday, August 28, two sources sent copies of Mr. White’s Facebook postings  to The Sandwich Enterprise.

In a statement yesterday to the Enterprise, Mr. White said, “Those comments were obviously made in jest and in a collective building frustration to what seems to be never-ending bombardment of news from across the world involving Muslims and violence and disorder. I was referring to the larger world sense.”

Mr. White said that the individual who posted the story about the Vermont restaurant always posts random rants and raves, and that sometimes he chimes in.

“I hardly think this is newsworthy and as you know I’ve always been professional and fair to all,” he stated. “In retrospect, I should keep my frustration to myself.”

Mr. White, who had worked for Special Sheriff Jeffrey D. Perry when he was a state representative, subsequently was elected town clerk. His term runs to 2016.    


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  • lucigirl

    Political correctness is offensive to me. Muslims whether born here or not need to assimilate into American culture just like everyone else. Jewish people don't eat bacon or other pork products and I don't remember public displays being offensive toward them. They need to stop playing the victim card, it's getting old.
  • JamesThomas

    You're exactly right lucigirl! That's while I'll be wearing my eagle feather head dress and hollowing out a canoe directly from a tree trunk this weekend. It's so true that everyone who has come here has just assimilated directly into the pre-existing culture without adding any of their own customs. To listen to these liberal hacks, you would think the notion of "American" had somehow changed or evolved since pilgrims or whatever. I mean, really, just think about it for like two seconds and it's crystal clear! What's wrong with these people?
  • jbwayb

    In my opinion white is a megalomaniacal, power hungry, over zealous, useless town clerk who is so impotent that he has to threaten dog owners with seizure and killing of their dogs because they did not renew their registration. I am not surprised that he revealed his true bigotry and small mindedness on social media. We need to banish him to the obscurity that he came from as soon as possible.