Sandwich Will Require Beach Stickers June 27

As summer draws near, so too does paid admission to Sandwich ocean and pond beaches.

Guy J. Boucher, the town’s director of recreation, said the town will collect admission or require vehicle stickers at the beaches starting Friday, June 27.

Mr. Boucher said paid admission or stickers would be required through September 1, although some beaches may open earlier to free admission as gate workers return to college.

Gates are staffed from 9 AM to 3:45 PM seven days a week.

In response to a Town Meeting vote diverting 20 percent of beach parking revenue to beach restoration efforts, the town has bumped up a couple of its admission charges.

The seasonal vehicle sticker for residents of or property owners in the town has increased $5 to $35.

The cost of a daily parking pass, good at any Sandwich beach, has risen $5 to $15.


The cost of the seasonal vehicle sticker for people who do not own property in Sandwich has stayed steady at $105. The town also continues to offer non-property-owners a $70 seasonal pass to the Ryder Conservation Area, which includes Wakeby Pond.

This season, Mr. Boucher said, the town is offering something new: a $50 pass good for seven consecutive days of paid parking at Sandwich beaches.

Mr. Boucher said people may obtain a weekly pass at any beach gate. The Ryder Area seasonal pass is available only at Ryder.

Admission will be collected at Snake Pond, Wakeby Pond and Peters Pond, the last of which is at Oakcrest Cove.

The town offers lifeguards at those three ponds. The lifeguards work from 10 AM to 4:30 PM seven days a week.

Sandwich also charges admission at lots at or near ocean beaches, although no lifeguard coverage is provided at them.

Ocean lots charging admission include Town Neck Beach, East Sandwich and the Sandwich Boardwalk, as well as a lot on North Shore Boulevard and another lot at the intersection of Ploughed Neck Road and North Shore Boulevard.

Property owners may use their residential stickers to park at Sandy Neck Beach; its road access is in Sandwich but the beach is in Barnstable. The vehicle stickers of non-property owners are not valid at Sandy Neck.

Vehicle stickers, which are now available, can be obtained only at the town collector’s office at 145 Main Street. The office is open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Mondays and Wednesdays through Fridays, and from 8:30 AM to 8 PM Tuesdays.

To obtain a sticker, people should bring their vehicle registration, and a copy of the lease agreement if the vehicle is leased. The office accepts cash or checks for payment, but no credit cards.

People may find it beneficial to buy a beach sticker now, rather than wait until the arrival of paid admission.

Last year, a slew of people seeking to buy stickers overwhelmed the collector’s office on July 3, the day before the July 4 holiday and before the first weekend that the beach stickers were required.

The line was out the door and around the sidewalk. Later that day, town manager George H. Dunham gave the collector’s office permission to close 30 minutes early so the workers could begin cashing out. People who still were in line were turned away.

The town recreation department can be reached at 508-888-4361.


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