School Board Picks Andrade As Chairman

The Sandwich School Committee elected a new chairman and vice chairman at its meeting Wednesday.

The committee traditionally chooses a new chairman following the elections for school committee members.


Travis M. Andrade and Nancy A. Crossman were both nominated for the post of committee chairman, a position formerly held by Andrea M. Killion. Supporters for each gave their arguments as to why the candidates were the best choice for the position, with both having votes of confidence in regard to their commitment, work ethic, and history on the committee. When put to a vote, the committee voted in favor of Mr. Andrade for the position.

Ms. Crossman was also nominated for the position of vice chairman, but lost in a vote to Ms. Killion.

Marie A. Kangas was the only nomination for the position of secretary, a post she already holds, and she will maintain that position.


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