Sandwich Selectmen Make Appointments To Energy Committee, Cultural Council

The board of selectmen appointed new members to the Sandwich Energy Committee and the Sandwich Cultural Council at the board’s meeting April 3.

By 5-0 votes, the board named Desiree Revoir to the energy committee and Danka Piekarski to the cultural council.

In a letter to the selectmen, Ms. Revoir said she has been working for E2 Solar, a solar installation company in Dennis, since this past September.

“I see volunteering for the Sandwich Energy Committee as an opportunity to both apply what I have learned from my job and to learn new aspects at the town level of energy concerns,” she wrote.


“I have lived in Sandwich for 30 years, I grew up here, and would love the chance to help make Sandwich a more beautiful, healthy and environmentally conscious place,” Ms. Revoir wrote.

Ms. Piekarski, who was born in Hamburg, Germany, volunteers at the Cotuit Center for the Arts and at Cape Cod Community College. At present, she is a member of the Daffodil Committee for the 375 Celebration in Sandwich.

She was a professional ice skater with the Ice Follies in the United States and Canada, was an activity director for dementia patients, and worked as a production assistant at the playhouse in Brookfield, Connecticut.

In a letter to the selectmen, Ms. Piekarski described herself as having “lots of energy… love of people… love of new adventures… [and an] insatiable quest for learning…”

In an accompanying letter, Charleen L. Johnson, chairman of the cultural council, said, “She is as enthused to join us as we are in having her join us.”


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