Three -- Maybe Four -- Former Sandwich Selectmen To Appear On November Ballot

The results of the primary elections are in and it appears that serving on the Sandwich Board of Selectmen could be a stepping stone to holding a higher office at least three former selectmen from town will appear on the November ballot.

The one race that is still too close to call is between the two republican Representative for Congress candidates. As of 10 AM Friday, former Sandwich selectman Adam G. Chaprales, who now lives in Marstons Mills, was locked in a dead heat with Christopher Sheldon of Plymouth for their party's spot on the ballot. The winner of that race will face off against current US Representative William R. Keating who beat out Samuel Sutter on the Democratic ticket.

Both Mr. Keating and Mr. Chaprales easily won their races in Sandwich with Mr. Keating securing 83 percent of the votes compared to his opponent’s 16 percent. Mr. Chaprales earned 79 percent of the votes in Sandwich compared to Mr. Sheldon’s 20 percent.

Statewide and locally, Senator Therese Murray easily defeated her opponent Stephen M. Palmer on the democratic ticket. Senator Murray secured 87 percent of the votes in Sandwich compared to Mr. Palmer’s 13 percent. On the state level, she earned 86 percent of the votes cast on the democratic ticket while Mr. Palmer earned just 13 percent.

Former Sandwich Selectman Thomas F. Keyes, who ran unopposed on the Republican ticket, will challenge Senator Murray for her seat in November.

R. Patrick Ellis, also a former selectman, ran unopposed for State Representative on the democratic ticket and he will challenge current State Representative Randy Hunt, also a former Sandwich selectman for the seat in November.

Democrat Elizabeth Warren who ran unopposed for the Senator in Congress seat on that party’s ticket will face off against Republican incumbent Scott P. Brown who ran unopposed on his party’s ticket.

Voter turnout at the polls in Sandwich yesterday was a dismal 16 percent with only 2,500 of the town’s 15,000 registered voters casting ballots in the state’s primary elections.

Town Clerk Taylor D. White said there were only a few minor glitches on Thursday, with some voters arriving at Sandwich High School to cast their ballots only to be told that the high school is no longer a polling site.

Last year, the town reduced the number of voting precincts from six to five, eliminating the high school as a polling site. Mr. White said he assigned two people to the high school to stay there the entire day so that they could inform any voters who showed up to vote of their new precinct.

Mr. White said there was also a little bit of confusion for some registered voters who had not returned their town census sent out earlier in the year which caused their name to come up as inactive on the voting list. He said those voters merely had to sign an affidavit stating that they did in fact live in Sandwich and were a registered voter.
Other than that, he said, things ran very smoothly.

The state and national elections will be held on Tuesday, November 6.



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