Two Bids Submitted For Construction Of DeConto Stadium At Sandwich High School

The town received and opened two bids Friday morning, May 23, for extensive improvements to the Captain Gerald F. DeConto Veterans Memorial Stadium at Sandwich High School.

Both bids were less than the $1.3 million in community preservation funds approved for the project by voters at the May 5 Annual Town Meeting.

David J. DeConto, coordinator for the community preservation committee, said the town hopes to award the project to the winning bidder by June 1, with construction to start by mid-June.


Green Acres Landscape & Construction of Lakeville was the apparent lower bidder with a basic bid, including bond coverage, of $1,007,000.

The Lakeville firm previously installed the artificial track at the stadium.

The other bidder on the stadium project, Robert B. Our Co. Inc. of Harwich, submitted a basic bid, including bond coverage, of $1,187,275.

The companies were bidding on a project that included the installation of bleachers on the home side of the field, which can seat 1,200 people, as well as the installation of new playing field lights.

Each company also bid on four further potential additions to the stadium. Green Acres came in lower on three of the four.

The Lakeville company bid $71,600 to build a press box, $13,300 for tree planting, and $73,046 for construction of bleachers for the visitor side.

The Harwich-based Our company bid $90,000 to build a press box, $17,000 for tree planting, and $85,000 for construction of the visitor bleachers.

The Harwich company did come in lower on the installation of a synthetic turf field with a bid of $635,000. Green Acres bid $640,000.

At the May 8 town election, Sandwich voters rejected a proposal to fund a $500,000 capital outlay toward the construction of a synthetic turf field at the stadium.

But Mr. DeConto said the town still invited bids on the turf project to get an idea of where competitive bids would come in for such a project.

John J. Amato of Westfield, the design engineer on the DeConto stadium project, said he plans to check with the town’s procurement officer, Douglas A. Lapp, to ascertain whether the town should move forward with the award process despite receiving fewer than three bids.

Mr. Amato said neither the law nor the town required at least three bidders, but he likes to see that at least that many to help ensure competition.

The stadium is named for Gerald F. DeConto, a Sandwich High graduate who, as a naval captain, was killed in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Captain DeConto’s mother, Patricia DeConto, sat in the town hall hearing room as the bids were opened and read.

“I’m very pleased, of course, and anxious to see everything started and going and completed,” Mrs. DeConto said.


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