Underage Drinking Party In Sandwich Spurs Call For Parental Awareness

A complaint of a gathering of young people at Rolling Ridge Association Pond on Tuesday, July 8, ended with a dozen minors being summonsed to court for possession of alcohol.

Police responded to the pond at 5:16 PM and discovered 12 people all under 21 with “alcohol containers in their immediate area,” according to a news release from the Sandwich Police Department. Police also found more alcoholic beverages in a vehicle belonging to one of the minors.

A statement from Sandwich Police Chief Peter N. Wack encouraged parents to be aware of what their teenage children are doing during the summer months, when underage drinking parties tend to occur at places like beaches and homes.


“These underage drinking parties have the real potential to result in serious injury or death. We ask parents to be aware of their teenager’s whereabouts,” the statement read. “If teens are found to be in violation, there is the strong likelihood that they will be summonsed to court and a parent will be required to come and pick them up from the location of the gathering.”

“Working together, we can help keep Sandwich’s teens safe.”


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