Water Leak Forces School District To Keep Sandwich Community Pool Closed

Sandwich School Superintendent C. Richard Canfield announced today that the Sandwich Community Pool inside Sandwich High School is leaking and will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Dr. Canfield said the leak became evident after the February 9 blizzard caused a lengthy power outage, including the pool mechanical systems that are not on the generator feed.

A scheduled check of the school water meter following the storm showed that the pool had lost a significant amount of water. At the time, the pool was losing three inches of water each day. That rate has now slowed to once inch per day.

It is not unusual to have the water level drop during a prolonged shutdown but not at such a significant rate.
Various options are now being explored for how to best address the problem.

Prior to the leak, the pool had been closed due to mechanical problems in its filter.

Read more about the pool closure in Friday’s Sandwich Enterprise.



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