Mashpee Middle School Boys' Basketball Squad Had Great Year

The Mashpee Middle School boys’ team had plenty to celebrate this year, including its championship at the Ice Cup Tournament late in the season. The MMS boys went 8-4 for the season.COURTESY MASHPEE HIGH SCHOOL - The Mashpee Middle School boys’ team had plenty to celebrate this year, including its championship at the Ice Cup Tournament late in the season. The MMS boys went 8-4 for the season.

It’d be hard to find a prouder coach in Mashpee than the boys’ Mashpee Middle School basketball coach Brian Corrigan. The longtime mentor of the junior high school program just saw his team post another winning season, as the A squad went 8-4 for the year, playing almost exclusively against programs from much bigger schools.

Mashpee proved that the size of the fight in the dog is much more important the size of the dog in the fight. The games that the team lost were all by slim margins, and most of the games that they won were by big ones. The MMS Falcons seem to have plenty of building blocks that will lead to good days ahead for the high school program.

Corrigan’s team might have been an even bigger juggernaut had it had its complete team intact for the entire season. Eighth graders Mike Fraser and Michael Barrows earned spots on the junior varsity team and only appeared in a couple of MMS contests over the course of the season.

“We went undefeated during the football season and it carried right over into basketball,” Corrigan said. “It’s a really good group of kids. They bought in from the start and worked hard. They practiced really hard, the practices were harder than the games for them.”


Jack Gilooly had a nice season for the team, despite issues with a hand injury. He worked his way back onto the court by the mid-point of the season and played very well. “He’s a really good outside shooter, and a good leaper,” coach Corrigan said.

Jake Johnston played quarterback for the football team and came to basketball and played guard, where he did a nice job of keeping the other team from accomplishing anything offensively. “He took the best offensive player on the other team and then shut them down,” the coach said. “He made other people on his team better and he never came off the floor.”
Another player that never seemed to leave the court was Devaun Ford, who played every position on the court as well for the Falcons. The 7th grader is ambidextrous, but favors the left hand. A strong all-around player, Corrigan said that Ford is the type of player that you want on your side. “He fights and he loves to compete,” the coach said. Ford ran the court very well and was able to help lead the team with scoring, while also playing well on the defensive side of the court.

Trevor MacDonald is a talented three-sport athlete, who also plays soccer and baseball. He was one of the Falcons’ better defenders over the season and wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty. “He played good solid D, and was a great helper defender. He’s a real scrappy player,” Corrigan said.

Zak Landry can shoot the basketball well, and that’s a good attribute to have for a basketball player. Corrigan said that Landry was the team’s top two-guard and also a very good teammate. “He’s the Energizer Bunny out there,” the coach said. “He can run all day and he’s very coachable. All of these kids were coachable. It’s a really good group in that way.”
Kevin Childs proved that size isn’t always that big of a deal. The smallest guy on the team, Childs may have been the club’s hardest worker. “He made himself into a basketball player. He’s one of the hardest working kids we’ve ever had. Pound for pound, he was the toughest kid that we had, and he’s a great kid,” Corrigan said.

John McNamara has the potential to be a solid contributor at higher levels for the Falcons, the coach said. The big man has nice skills shooting the ball and also rebounds very well. “He’s a lot better than he thinks he is,” the coach said. “He might be our best pure shooter.”

Nathan McCarthy played power forward for the Falcons and flourished. “He’s a terrific basketball player,” the coach said. “He loves basketball and he plugged into the system and played every game for us.”

Fred Hanna worked his way up from being a B team player a year ago, to taking over a larger role with the middle school A squad this year. “He worked hard all fall and he earned himself a spot on the A team. He’s a hard working, really athletic kid,” Corrigan said.

Corrigan said he was also proud of the team’s achievements off of the court. The majority of the club earned its way onto the high honor roll, the coach said, and they faced challenges head-on.

“Those kids fought their tails off. We would go to war with bigger schools and we’d just go after teams,” he said. “They’d get out there and kill themselves and get after it. I’ll tell you, the future of Mashpee basketball looks pretty good.”

Corrigan worked with three assistant coaches this year, Will Cuozzo, Jay Merkman and Ray Lambright.


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