Sandwich Tops Barnstable In Women's Soccer

Bourne's Courtney Muttart with the ball for Sandwich in its 4-1 victory over Barnstable on July 22.DAN CROWLEY/ENTERPRISE - Bourne's Courtney Muttart with the ball for Sandwich in its 4-1 victory over Barnstable on July 22.

Danielle Kent put host Sandwich on the scoreboard three minutes into Tuesday night's Cape Cod Women’s Soccer League match when she took a pass from Lia Wilcox and from the 18-yard line fired a shot past the Barnstable (2-6-1) keeper as Sandwich (3-6-1) picked up a 4-1 victory.

Kent came right back in the fifth minute with another scoring bid, but had her shot slapped away. Sandwich continued to push the ball into the Barnstable end with Kent and Wilcox coming up with more shots from the left side.

Megan Congro and Lea Adams kept things busy for the Barnstable defenders in the middle, while at the other end of the field Sandwich keeper Kasey Noonan came up big, coming off the line to stop a breakaway. In the 16th minute Barnstable tied the match, with the score remaining 1-1 until the break.


Noonan cut down another Barnstable breakaway in the second minute of the second half. Twelve minutes into the second Jessie Lizotte took a pass from Anna Gannett and put Sandwich on top with a perfectly placed shot that she lobbed over the defense and over the outstretched arms of the keeper from about 20 yards out.

Three minutes later Barnstable cracked under the pressure as Sandwich continued to push the ball up. This time Monique Williams showed off some fancy footwork in a scramble in the box, knocking home the rebound off a Mackenzie Hyldburg shot for a 3-1 Sandwich lead.

Barnstable fought back with 30 minutes to play, but the Sandwich defense of Katie McKenna, Chelsea Sutton, Liz Fulp, Paige Wilcox, Erin Hurley and Caroline Kent proved to be more than Barnstable could handle.

In the final 30 minutes Barnstable managed just two shots and Noonan handled both.

Caroline McKenna topped off the scoring for Sandwich in the 65th minute when she found some shooting space to the left of of the net from about 18 yards out and fired a shot over the keeper's head.


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