SHS Track Runs League Meet

Sandwich High School’s Katie Lowry (5:33.90) ran second in the one-mile run in the Atlantic Coast League track meet May 22, while Kylie McCartney (6:10.57) was ninth, Morgan Alvarenga (6:23.85) took 12th and Marcelle Goldberg (6:29.65) finished 15th. Tory Sivco (11:53.08) was third in the 2-mile.

Liz Wegman (2:26.16) was second in the 800-meter, with Jenna Sweeney (2:43.48) taking eighth. Autumn Cotter (14.14) ran sixth in the 100 meter dash, followed by Jessica Lizotte (14.20). Lexana Andrews (1:18.69) ran eighth in the 400 meter hurdles.

Lizotte (32-3.5) took second in the triple jump, with Andrews (29-1.25) finishing 14th. Megan Forrester (4-8) was fifth in the high jump, with Taylor Scheuer (4-6) seventh and Mackenzie Hagist (4-4) eighth.

Staci Hopkins was 13th in the shot put with a toss of 23-4. Bridget Carl (22-0) took 14th. Carl (59-3) was 16th in the discus for SHS, with Sophia Guarino (51-2) 19th. Samantha Emerson (73-2) was seventh in the javelin.

The Sandwich girls’ 4x800 relay team of Sivco, Sweeney, Lowry and Wegman qualified for the state meet tomorrow at Pembroke High School with a fourth-place finish in a time of 10:46.88. The 4x100 relay team of Maiato, Forrester, Hagist and Scheuer took fifth with a time of 55.28.

Sivco qualified for the state meet in the 2-mile as well as the 4x800 relay. Lowery also qualified in the 1-mile and Wegman qualified in the 800-meter, 400-meter and 1-mile, along with the 4x800 relay.
In the freshman 1-mile run Yasmine Chahine (6:15.42) was second, followed by Julie Chicco (6:52.65) in third and Carey Maul (6:55.44) in fourth. The freshman girls 4x100 relay team of Kylie O’Gara, Alex Lopes, Carley powell and Cotter took fourth in a time of 1:01.41.

Senior captain Matt Mullin paced the boys’ team with a second-place finish in the 400-meter hurdles of 59.64. Trevor Delfino (1:06.04) took fourth place. Mullin also delivered a fourth-place finish in the javelin at 138-8.5 and seventh place in the 200 meter dash at 24.52.

Brennan Tickell (4:51.40) was fourth in the 1-mile, followed by Jake Cuppels (4:52.43). Dan Emerson (5:13.54) was 15th and Nate Costa (5:20.69) ran 17th.

Joey Downes (12.29) was eighth in the 100-meter dash and 16th in the 400-meter in a time of 4:17.18. Jackson Riedel (4:14.55) was 15th in the 400-meter. Matt MacDonald (10:40.44) ran fifth in the 2-mile, with James Hemingway (11:00.27) eighth, Ian Wallace (11:28.38) 10th and Trever Wack (12:49.39) 13th. Kevin Walker (2:20.60) took 10th in the 800-meter.

Delfino (18.14) finished seventh in the 110-meter hurdles, Costa (5-2) was seventh in the high jump and Carter (17-5) took 11th in the long jump. Sam Moroney (111-1) was 12th in the javelin and 20th in the shot put with a toss of 26-7. Joey Murphy (26-10) was 19th in the shot put. Costa (97-6) took 16th in the javelin and Billy Dykas (89-11) was 19th.

The 4x800 relay team of Ian McCartney, Emerson, MacDonald and Cuppels took fifth with a time of 9:30.28.

Mullin qualified for the state meet in the 400-meter hurdles. The SHS boys’ 4x100 relay team of Downes, Riedel, Carter and Mullin also qualified for the state meet.

In the freshman 1-mile run Michael Murphy (5:25.06) was fifth, followed by Luke Gagnon (5:29.25) in seventh and Ray Espinosa (5:34.37) in ninth. The freshman 4x100 relay team of Joey Murphy, Delfino, Dykas and Austin Rendon finished second in a time of 54.44.


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