St. Anselm's Licciardi Bound For National College Bowl Game


There wasn’t a lot of pomp or circumstance for Lou Licciardi when he found out about the honor bestowed upon him a few weeks back. The former Falmouth High School all-star, who is now a standout at St. Anselm’s College, in Manchester, New Hampshire, walked over to his locker before a practice and found a letter waiting for him.

Enclosed in that letter was a piece of paper that represented a very big opportunity for the defensive end. Upon completion of his senior season for St. A’s, Licciardi will be playing in the National College Bowl Game, an all-star game for football players in divisions other than the Football Bowl Series (Division I).

“I got to my locker, and it was just waiting there for me. I opened it up, and thought, ‘this is pretty cool.’ I’m looking forward to it,” Licciardi said.

It will be an opportunity for Licciardi to showcase his talents in front of talent evaluators from several National Football League teams, as well as the Canadian and Arena Leagues.

“Who knows, if that opportunity presents itself, I’d definitely want to give it a try. We’ll see what happens,” he said.

The former Clipper earned his way to the all-star game by having a standout season, despite playing on a winless team. The Hawks have had a hard time stopping the passing game of opposing teams, and that has been a big reason that their defense has given up a lot of points in their 0-9 campaign. Joining him will be teammate Trevor Jessie, a linebacker and defensive back from Maryland.

Licciardi, though, has been doing his job as the left defensive end. He’s been named defensive player of the game on three separate occasions and leads the team in tackles for losses (11) and sacks (2.5). He’s also fifth on the team in total tackles, with 35.

That’s pretty good for a kid that was recruited to play on the other side of the line for the Hawks. It didn’t take long for the coaching staff to realize that they’d be better served by putting him on defense, taking advantage of his quickness and strength.


“I was on offense for the first day, then they switched me. I love (defense), it’s so much more fun hitting people every day rather than blocking,” he said.

While at St. A’s, Licciardi is rooming with a friend from home. Cody Murray, who he played football with at Falmouth High School, shares a house with Licciardi and hopes to take over as a starting defensive lineman next year, when he’s a junior, after Licciardi is done with college.

Licciardi said he would like nothing more than to earn an opportunity to play for Sunday paychecks, he is planning for the more realistic future of having a job that is not on a football field. He is in talks with a former FBI forensics specialist for an internship in the spring and said that he hopes to take his criminal justice major and put it to practical use.

“I’d love to do it at the federal level. I’ve been talking about maybe the FBI, or the DEA or Homeland Security,” he said.

One day he may be protecting the public, but for the next few weeks his focus is on victimizing quarterbacks. “I’m hoping we finish this season off strong,” he said.

St. Anselm’s plays at Pace University, in New York, on Saturday. They then have one more game, against a league foe to be determined, to wrap up the 2013 season the following week.


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