Mimi Schlitcher

Falmouth artist Mimi Schlichter stands with some of the works she has been able to create in her temporary studio—a house for sale in North Falmouth.

At the intersection of “stay at home” time, a desire to paint skies and water, and a kindhearted, generous real estate agent, a Falmouth artist found a COVID-19 silver lining.

The results of that silver lining will be shared with the public this weekend, Saturday, June 27, from 11 AM to 1 PM, and Sunday, June 28, from 1 to 3 PM during a real estate agent open house/artist opening event in North Falmouth.

The spark for the collaboration was lit in February when artist Mimi Schlichter attended an open house at a waterfront property overlooking Megansett Harbor in North Falmouth.

“I looked through the living room to the view out the back windows [of Scraggy Neck],” said Ms. Schlichter, “and my first thought was, I would so love to set up here and paint. It was an artist’s dream.”

When the pandemic hit and the town of Falmouth closed the public beach parking lots, Ms. Schlichter’s customary spot to sit in the front seat of her car and paint at the beach was taken away.

After spending a few weeks unable to produce work, Ms. Schlichter reached out to real estate agent Priscilla Geraghty, the listing agent for the waterfront property in North Falmouth, and asked Ms. Geraghty if the house had been sold.

Explaining her predicament at being unable to paint at the beach, Ms. Schlichter asked Ms. Geraghty if she could set up in the living room of the house and paint there. Ms. Geraghty received an okay from the owners of the home and Ms. Schlichter was able to set up her easel in the space. Rather than creating mini-paintings from her car, in the larger space Ms. Schlichter has been able to create pieces up to 10 feet long.

Ms. Schlichter and Ms. Geraghty will be present at the property, located at 53 Bryant Point Saturday and Sunday with Ms. Geraghty showing the property and Ms. Schlichter showing 25 new paintings.

Mr. Schlichter will open a new gallery at 345 West Falmouth Highway on Wednesday, July 1. Hours will be posted at www.mimisart.com. Clients are also welcome to schedule to meet by individual appointment. Masking and distancing guidelines will be observed. She also offers contactless pickup or delivery for those who prefer to purchase paintings online from their home or office.

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