Falmouth High School Production Of "Check Please"

Junior Bronwyn Morris as Girl and senior Conrad Stewart as Manny rehearse a scene from the Falmouth High School production of “Check Please.”

Falmouth High School will present the comedy “Check Please” in the school’s auditorium Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 15, 16 and 17.

The school will be performing both “Check Please” and “Check Please: Take 2,” two one-act plays by Jonathan Rand. The two acts will be broken up by a short intermission.

Over the course of multiple dinner scenes, Guy and Girl, the plays’ two constants, are presented with a variety of odd characters as potential matches. There’s the kleptomaniac, the mime, the sports fanatic, the narcissist, and—well—you get the picture.

If they haven’t experienced an awkward date themselves, students need only look for situations in movies or television for inspiration.

Director Alyssa Guida said she chose the play because it offers a large number of performance opportunities. “There are lots of parts,” she said, explaining the play as a series of vignettes, each featuring either Guy or Girl, both of whom experience a bevy of outrageously bad dates over the course of the play.

Because “Check Please” takes place in the present and requires minimal costuming and little more than two tables and a few chairs for sets and scenery, it’s a good choice for high school productions. The idea of bad dates is also familiar territory for most teenagers. While the situations in the play are somewhat over the top, the awkward nature of the circumstances are relatable for students. “High school is just one long awkward situation,” said Ms. Guida, who is not only directing the all-school play but teaches three for-credit classes as part of the high school’s new theater program.

Auditions for “Check Please” were open to the entire school, not just students taking drama classes. Ms. Guida estimated there are 30 students in the play and 10 more behind the scenes doing tech work. Because of the script’s flexibility, Ms. Guida was able to cast all the students who came out for auditions, even adding parts to accommodate all the students who wanted to participate.

With the new theater program in place and Ms. Guida onboard to lead all-school productions, the high school hopes to keep to a schedule of performing an all-school play in the fall and an all-school musical in the spring.

The biggest challenge of “Check Please” has been getting it ready for audiences in relatively short amount of time. “We started on September 30,” Ms. Guida said of rehearsals. “The kids are more than ready, but it’s been a challenge to get everything set.”

Tickets for “Check Please” are $12 for general admission and $8 for students, seniors and children 12 and under. The show is family friendly. Tickets can be purchased through the website ticketstage.com.

Acknowledging that the Cape is a theater-rich area, Ms. Guida proposed that anyone who enjoys good theater will find something to like in “Check Please.” She also suggested that the show, with its shorter running time (approximately 80 minutes), would be a good choice for younger audience members.

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