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Ceramic artist Rose Deler, whose work is shown here, is one of five new artists who will be completing residencies at the Truro Center for the Arts.

Artists in residence return to the Truro Center for the Arts this month after a seven-month hiatus. New England artists Rose Deler, Rich Blundell, David Whalan, Jamie Levine and June Kosloff will be staying at the center’s Castle Hill and Edgewood Farm campuses. Ms. Deler is a ceramic/mixed media artist currently working on the development of her “lost fabric” method of sculpting using clothing as a foundation and mold. Among Dr. Blundell’s studies is finding and collecting reclaimed woods such as recycled shingles, deadfall trees and rescued landscaping trees for use in telling the natural and cultural history of an area.

Mr. Whalan hopes to use his time in Truro to make a series of plein-air paintings of the farms’ vernacular architecture and landscape. He is particularly excited to use the windows, barn doors and exterior walls at Edgewood Farm as a frame through which to explore the garden and surrounding area.

Ms. Kosloff is a photographer who is currently incorporating silk screening, mono-printing and collage into her art practice. Jamie Levine is best known for creating sculptures of chimeras, mythical hybrid animal creatures. Her new works center on creating personalized cremation urns. Personalizing the urns with a sense of humor, she said, helps her to cope with the heaviness of the pandemic.

Events featuring the five artists will be held throughout the fall. Castle Hill is also offering online and limited in-person workshops at its campus at 10 Meetinghouse Road in Truro. Registration is at

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