Work By Claudia DeMonte

This high heeled shoe covered in milagros is part of Claudia DeMonte’s Female Fetish series, which will be included in “A World View,” Ms. DeMonte’s upcoming exhibit at Cape Cod Museum of Art.

Cape Cod Museum of Art will present an exhibition of provocative installations by artist Claudia DeMonte that look at how women represent themselves. The show opens on Thursday, August 30. Ms. DeMonte will give a Gallery Talk on Thursday, September 13, at 4:30 PM followed by a reception from 5:30 to 7 PM.

Since the 1970s, artist, activist and educator Claudia DeMonte, who has been in more than 100 solo shows and 500 group shows, has been challenging ideas of the role of women in society and emphasizing the shared experience of being female. 

Ms. DeMonte’s love of travel has led her to bring a global perspective to the way women are tied together around the world. This perspective is significant today because as she says, “We don’t live in isolation in the world anymore. We are attached instantaneously to the global village.” 

In this exhibition, curated by Michael Giaquinto, we see that Ms. DeMonte often works in series using stereotypical images of everyday life. In her Female Fetish series, Ms. DeMonte presents familiar objects in a woman’s life—high heeled shoes, a dustpan and broom—carved in wood and covered with milagros, small pewter charms that are influenced by her Italian/Catholic heritage.

In "Women's World," Ms. DeMonte collaborated with women working in a Tibetan tent factory who made fabric works to create 25 appliqued squares representing female objects. 

In the installation "Are You Full?," Ms. DeMonte, whose father was homeless as a child, worked with the homeless in Mississippi. She asked them what they needed and had their answers embroidered on tote bags and then asked them to make paintings of those objects.

Ms. DeMonte’s work is influenced by her Italian upbringing in the ethnically diverse county of Astoria as well as her travels to more than 100 countries and her interest in outsider art.

She has had exhibitions at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Mississippi Museum, Tucson Museum, Flint Institute of Art and the Museum of the Southwest. She has lectured and exhibited in 35 countries. Her work is in permanent collections at numerous museums, including the Brooklyn Museum, Stamford Museum, Boca Raton Museum of Art, and in major corporate collections.

She is the curator of "Women of the World: A Global Collection of Art." This traveling exhibition with accompanying book includes the work of women from 177 countries dealing with the image of women. Her project, "Real Beauty," uses handmade fabric dolls to express beauty standards around the world that are being lost due to globalization.

The Cape Cod Museum of Art is at 60 Hope Lane, just off Route 6A, on the campus with Cape Cinema and the Cape Cod Playhouse in Dennis.

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