The Barnstable Comedy Club is presenting its first-ever playwright festival from August 13 through August 16 at the club, 3171 Route 6A in Barnstable.

“I think it will be a positive event for the theater. It’s something I’d like to see happen every year,” said board of directors member Katie Beatty, organizer of the event.

“We decided to run this event because we wanted to showcase new talent that may otherwise go unnoticed,” Ms. Beatty said, “while bringing something unique to the Barnstable Comedy Club stage.”

The festival will showcase 10 new plays, all of which will be performed as staged readings under the direction of the playwrights themselves. After each show there will be the opportunity for audience feedback and discussion.

The playwrights are mostly from New England and include Gloria Craig, Patrick Riviere, Tim Bosworth, John Dennis Anderson, Susan Lumenello, Joanne Powers, Martha Clarke, Steven Myerson, Paul Cheevers and Wayne Greenwell.

Tickets may be purchased through the venue’s website. Pricing is tiered depending on how many shows are attended.

Those wishing to purchase a ticket for the entire week should select the August 13, 5 PM event date from the online sections. For tickets for an entire day’s worth of performances, it is necessary to select the 5 PM event date for the date you wish to attend, and for single performances select the 5 PM time for the date you wish to attend. You will be given the option to select a particular performance on the ticket page.

Shows scheduled are: Tuesday, August 13 at 5 PM, “Farmers of the Sea” and 7 PM, “The House of Nunzio”; Wednesday, August 14 at 5 PM, “Troubles in Henry’s Nose,” 7 PM, “The God of Sironia, Texas” and 9 PM, “Dreamsville”; Thursday, August 15 at 5 PM, “My Marbles Are Perfectly Fine,” 7 PM, “Letters to Saturn” and 9 PM, “To The Extreme!”; Friday, August 16 at 5 PM, “Mindfulling,” and 7 PM, “Pre-Coitum-Posterous.”

Additional dates and times may be added. Tickets will also be available at the door and will be sold for cash or check only.

Note that many of the submissions contain content and language that is not appropriate for all ages.

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