FAC Rogers triptich

North Falmouth artist David Rogers is displaying portraits and oil paintings, including this large triptych, “Old Silver Beach,” this month at Falmouth Art Center.

North Falmouth artist David Rogers has been creating artwork since the 1970s. His new exhibit at Falmouth Art Center includes large canvases capturing scenery in Falmouth and beyond. “Seaside Images: A Larger Point of View” is on display at Falmouth Art Center’s Sigel Gallery through October 31.

Born in Greenfield, Mr. Rogers early on developed an interest in what was to become a primarily self-taught ability to do portraits.

Back then, graphite and charcoal were his preferred mediums. Soon he introduced color to his pieces, using the dry pastel medium and then oil on canvas.

In his youth, his work was showcased in local agricultural fairs, winning many first- and second-place ribbons and a modest following.

Since moving to Falmouth in 1996, he has taken part in various painting groups, including Friday Morning Figure Group and Monday Morning Painters at Falmouth Art Center.

He has also taken a course in the Old Masters Style with his friend, fellow artist Doug Rugh.

His latest passion is painting large 30-by-40-inch oils in his own custom-built canvas frames.

Brilliant sunsets over Buzzards Bay near his North Falmouth home continue to give him an inexhaustible supply of artistic inspiration, he said. He has taken this concept a step further in a 3-by-9-foot triptych of an Old Silver Beach sunset, which is also featured in the show.

Viewers may also recognize some of the other images in his current exhibit, including Bourne Farm, Wing Pond and Sippewissett Marsh.

David Rogers’s work has been displayed at both open and juried shows at Falmouth Art Center, Mashpee Community Television, Falmouth Hospital and two separate one-man shows at Falmouth Community Television.

The Falmouth Art Center is located at 137 Gifford Street in Falmouth. It is free and open to the public daily.

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