MHS Amelia

Juliana Reynolds (left) as Amelia Earhart and Anna Josselyn as Amelia Jones in “Discovering Amelia,” onstage November 15 and 16 at Mashpee Middle High School.

Mashpee schools’ Blue Falcon Theatre Company will present the drama “Discovering Amelia” as its all-school play this fall. Performances are scheduled for Friday and Saturday, November 15 and 16, at 7 PM. The play will take place in the Victoria Vieira Performing Arts Center on the campus of Mashpee’s Middle-High School.

Educator Celeste Reynolds is directing the production, which stars Anna Josselyn as Amelia Jones and Juliana Reynolds as Amelia Earhart.

The rest of the cast includes Grace Antis, Gavin Wills, Hannah Phu, William Henley, Zoe Squeglia, Sam DelleCave, Bella Bergonzi, Noah Bellevue, Jordan Fiorentino, Micah Bellevue, Serena Tripp, Rhiannon Raymond, Lillian Wieden, Natalia Rimple, Alexandra Bohm, Emmy Gorman, Arianna Gomes and Eve Mayan.

Written by Trey Clarkson, “Discovering Amelia” concerns high school freshman Amelia Jones, who is being bullied in school by Courtney and the other popular girls and whose family life is falling apart. To make matters worse, Amelia is tasked with giving a presentation on an American hero. After failing to choose a hero for herself, she is assigned female aviator Amelia Earhart. “Discovering Amelia” first premiered at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School in Virginia Beach in 2015. The words spoken by the Amelia Earhart character in the play are taken directly from Ms. Earhart’s letters.

Ms. Reynolds, who teaches social studies and senior seminar at the school, said that in choosing a play she looks for “a good theme from which our cast and audiences can learn.”

The play’s theme of hope and perseverance is something “we all can use a little more of,” Ms. Reynolds said, adding that the play presents strong female characters through which the actors can “really test their acting skills.”

Additionally, Ms. Reynolds said, the play deals with serious situations that teens are facing all too often these days—bullying, alcoholism, and mental illness—“but in a way that gives the title character an avenue for growth. It is our hope that our audiences will not only be entertained but will walk away with something to think about.”

The play’s cast consists of 7th through 12th graders from Mashpee Middle-High School along with about a half-dozen students working the tech side—either as stage crew or lighting and sound.

Admission to the play is $10 for adults and $5 for students.

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