Nature Screen at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster will present the PBS nature documentary “Attenborough and the Sea Dragon” this Wednesday, September 11, and on Wednesday, September 25, at 1 PM.

The film explores the chance discovery of the ichthyosaur, or a fish lizard that was found in the eroding cliffs on the southeast coast of England, known as Jurassic Coast.

A fearsome predator, ichthyosaur had the very best characteristics of reptiles and mammals in one formidable package. It could regulate its own body temperature, had astonishingly acute eyesight, an impressive set of blade-like teeth, and powerful, gripping jaws to hunt and swallow its prey whole.

Sir David Attenborough hosts the documentary, which begins with the challenging on-site extraction of the fossils and addresses the 3-D reconstruction of the creature.

The film is free with museum admission.

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