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Jay and Abby Michaels, who perform together as The Harper and the Minstrel, will perform at 1 PM tomorrow at the Falmouth Art Center.

The Falmouth Art Center will host a free concert with the group, The Harper and the Minstrel, on Saturday, June 26, from 1 to 1:45 PM. The performance is being taped as part of ArtsFalmouth’s Woods Hole Trad Stroll, which is being presented as a virtual series this year on Falmouth Community Television.

Performing together as The Harper and the Minstrel, Jay and Abby Michaels, play over a dozen traditional instruments. They perform historically inspired versions of Medieval, Renaissance and Celtic music sung and played on a variety of traditional plucked, bowed, hammered and woodwind Instruments including: the Irish wire-strung harp; Gothic harp; Celtic folk harp; viola da gamba; hammer dulcimer; Irish wooden flute; the Greek aulos; alto, soprano and tenor recorders; penny whistles; silver flute and Baroque guitar.

The Harper and The Minstrel specialize in ayres and ballads. Their repertoire includes unique arrangements of music ranging from Medieval Spain’s 13th-century Cantgas de Santa Maria to the music of Elizabethan-era English lutenist John Dowland to 17th-century Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan and more.

The concert will be outside in the backyard of the Falmouth Art Center, 137 Gifford Street. All are welcome.

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