FAC Packing

Shades of Vincent Van Gogh can be seen in Doris Epstein’s work “Packing.” The painting is part of the Falmouth Art Center’s “Home Show” which can be seen online.

A baby on a blanket, fluffy pillows on side chairs and a patchwork quilt. These are just some of the items in the Falmouth Art Center’s Home Show, an online show open to all for viewing at FalmouthArt.org.

There are 43 items in the show, including 14 paintings, as well as photographs, woodwork, sculpture, stained glass, and a wide variety of fiber arts. The work of 27 local artists on display shows the vast array of talent in many mediums in this community.

There are even a pair of “fascinators,” fancy hats shown off in a photo by the hat maker herself, Deborah Martin of Mashpee.

Christine Anderson, who runs the weaving program at the Falmouth Art Center, has two intriguing pieces in the show, a mahogany box with a tapestry insert depicting a tranquil beach scene and a clever grey and black twill box with a table scarf.

The baby is not for sale, nor is the baby blanket, made by another Falmouth Art Center teacher, Beth Dill. The twill weave blanket with twisted fringe is a crowd-pleaser in tones of purples, greens, blues and yellows.

Napping in this time of pandemic was a theme for painter Charlotte Harris of North Falmouth. In one of her acrylic paintings, her sister, Mary, takes a closed-eyes break from a book, and, in the other, her cat, Tip, takes what looks like a cozy snooze.

Alicia Buccino of North Falmouth, who teaches kids’ classes at the Falmouth Art Center, has five home-themed photos in the show. A favorite, “No Place Like Home,” depicts a fluffy dog on a country porch, holding forth like he owns the place.

Another dog, this time a Dalmatian, makes an appearance in an oil painting by Falmouth artist Ruth Leech, called “Sadie by the Hearth.”

David E. Williamson’s photograph “Queen of the House” depicts a dog in full comfort lying on a couch with a quilt.

The work of longtime Art Center member Doris Epstein of Woods Hole is a classic genre scene called “Packing,” which shows a suitcase in one corner of the canvas near a single bed and a cane chair—echos of Van Gogh’s bedroom view.

More coziness comes from Liz Henry of Pocasset, whose patchwork quilt wall hanging, blue tones with a bright green interior, is called “Light in the Home.”

Two elegant wood pieces also stand out. Steve Treistman’s piece is a spalted maple closed vessel. The partial decay or “spalting” gives the piece its character with dark lines and streaks.

Robert Scutt’s pine sculpture “Field of Dreams” consists of long delicate fingers of wood, seemingly waving in a breeze.

Paul Hughes of Oak Bluffs displays one of his popular stained glass artworks. This one, “Just Desserts,” features intriguing spirals of white glass.

Due to the pandemic, the Falmouth Art Center building is currently closed to the public but staff are on hand to answer questions by telephone or email. For additional information on any of the pieces in the show, contact the Falmouth Art Center at 508-540-3304 or at info@falmouthart.org.

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