FAC jory mason, grand dane

Jory Mason’s “Grand Dane”

Faced with 226 entries for the Falmouth Art Center’s Autumn Juried Show, artist Jackie Reeves of Sandwich had to make hard decisions to narrow the field down to approximately 50 images. Ms. Reeves, who is known for her murals and large mixed-media canvases with themes of family and social issues, was this year’s juror for the annual show. There were a record number of entries.

As she looked through the images submitted through an online portal, she decided to choose works that were “out of the box” as a way to narrow the field. The resulting show is now on view in the Falmouth Art Center’s Hermann Gallery through Tuesday, October 20.

After choosing the pieces for the show by looking at online images, Ms. Reeves reviewed the pieces in person to choose award winners.

In an unusual twist, the sole ceramic piece submitted, a mug made by Margot Critchfield of Sandwich titled “Alleluia Anyway,” about the current pandemic, won best in show.

Ms. Reeves wrote of the work, “For such an intimately small vessel, this mug holds great power with its seemingly bottomless matte interior, like deep space. The beautifully drawn exterior is a meaningful reflection on what we are experiencing right now with the tragedy of COVID-19. I just want to hold this mug in silence and reflect on the important things in life.”

The other winners: Best Printmaking: Alice Nicholson Galick of East Falmouth for “Virus,” using linocut, woodcut and chine colle; Best Impact: Jory Mason of Plymouth for a pastel on sanded paper called “Grand Dame”; Best Technique: Juanita (Miki) Lovett of Mashpee for “Autumn Dawn Through My Window Series,” a relief print; and Best Atmosphere for Peggy Richard of Sandwich’s acrylic painting titled “Come Closer.”

Ms. Reeves wrote of Ms. Galick’s piece, “I am particularly drawn to the layering of color and appreciate the printmaking expertise in achieving this depth of space.”

Of Ms. Mason’s painting, Ms. Reeves wrote, “So much about this painting makes me happy: the variety and range of the color orange; the expressive application of pastel, the simple and graphic composition; and the soulful expression in this dog’s eyes.”

Ms. Lovett’s print “pulls me in from afar with its graphic contrast and holds me up close as I look for clues as to how it was made,” Ms. Reeves wrote. “I find myself thinking of all sorts of things and nothing in particular at the same time—a perfect recipe for good abstraction.”

Of Ms. Richard’s painting, Ms. Reeves wrote, “There is so much for me to read into the depths of this misty lavender forest. The colors soothe while the branches delicately weave together as if they were a dancing couple who have spent a lifetime together (yin and yang). An atmosphere of love and connection seems to spill out of this canvas.”

Ms. Reeves awarded honorable mentions to Andrea Moore of Falmouth for “Acanthus Garden,” a monotype; Milton Williamson of West Falmouth for “Hope,” a photograph; and Barry Beder of East Falmouth for “Arctic Hull,” a photograph.

The Falmouth Art Center is free and open to the public from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM; Saturday, 10 AM to 2 PM; and Sunday, 1 to 4 PM. For more information, visit www.falmouthart.org or call 508-540-3304.

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