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Illustrations from the soon-to-be-released book, “The Horses Took Flight: A Cape Cod Carousel Story,” will be on view from Sunday through July 3 at FCTV’s new gallery on Dillingham Road.

Artwork by Falmouth artist Karen Rinaldo will be on exhibit at FCTV’s new gallery from SundayJune 9 through July 3.

The exhibit includes 18 pen-and-ink and watercolor paintings that are featured as illustrations in a recently completed book, “The Horses Took Flight — A Cape Cod Carousel Story,” a community-based project printed by New Wave Printing & Design, Inc.

The narrative is the work of Denise Terry, a board member of The Carousel of Light.

The plot involves the horses breaking away from the carousel and traveling through town visiting Falmouth’s many landmarks. The story is meant to entertain both children and adults.

Upon completion of the art Ms. Rinaldo said, “It is a feel good, heart warming, makes you want to sing and smile kind of a book and the art serves to let your imagination run free and your heart be entertained.”

The book is dedicated “to the childlike expression of joy found in all of us, sparked by the magic of painted ponies and tunes that get stuck in your heart.”

The project was over a year in the making.

Currently the carousel is located on historic Katharine Lee Bates Road, on the grounds of the Mullen-Hall Elementary School, and operates for three months in the summer. The carousel horses are the creations of artist and wood carver Lance Shinkle. The carousel is one of only a few hand-carved wooden carousels still operating in the United States.

The first run of books will be printed and released this summer. A portion of the proceeds from any sales of the watercolors in the show will benefit the Carousel of Light to help with the maintenance and restoration of the hand-carved wooden horses.

The public is invited to a reception for “Falmouth Carousel of Light paintings and Commemorative Art,” at FCTV’s new Media Center 310 Dillingham Road on Sunday, June 9 from 3 to 5 PM.

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