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Saturday, August 24, at The East End Tap, semi-local band Rocky Mountain Riptide will be performing live at a release party for its new album, “Revival.” The band was formed by Falmouth natives Mark Whittington and Ryan Labossiere when they both transplanted to Colorado in the early 2000s. The two friends had been playing together since high school and connected with Colorado musicians in their new home state. Inspired by bands like Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grateful Dead and Nirvana, they went to work creating an eclectic reggae rock sound. The band’s name is a tribute to their respective Colorado and Cape Cod roots.

For more than 10 years they built a following out West, playing famed venues like The Bluebird Theater in Denver. The lineup changed a couple times, but Mark and Ryan were constants. At a certain point family and work commitments took precedence and the band went on hiatus, with Mark returning to Falmouth. The close friends remained in contact, though, and recently they decided to reconnect and record the album “Revival.” “We realigned our priorities by realizing how important the music of Rocky Mountain Riptide is to us,” Mark explained. They already had the songs written; the only challenge was they were about 2,000 miles apart.

Mark jumped on a plane to Denver, and they got to work, this time around with their friend Dave Dunn playing bass and lead guitar in the studio. “We are happy we finally got to record the tracks professionally,” Mark said. “We have some live recordings taken from the soundboard at venues we’ve played that we’d uploaded to Myspace and Soundcloud, but they were rough at best and from years earlier.”

For the CD release show they will be joined by longtime friend and Falmouth native Mike Pinho on the bass. “Ryan will be flying out but unfortunately Dave (Dunn) couldn’t make it out for this,” Mark said. “He wants to in the future and we plan on playing some Denver shows later this year.”

He said for the release party people can expect the East End Tap to be filled with music, dancing and fun. There will also be Rocky Mountain Riptide merchandise and prizes.

For the future the band hopes to play enough shows to bridge the gap between Cape Cod and Colorado. “We’d like to grow into a national act,” Mark explained, “playing in festivals between Massachusetts and Colorado but most importantly to develop a larger fan base and spread our message. This album is a necessary step for the band to pursue that course.”

Tomorrow the Colorado Rockies are colliding with the Cape Cod coastline at East End Tap as Rocky Mountain Riptide celebrates the release of its new album, “Revival.” This free show runs from 10 PM till closing. For more info go to

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