Hannah A. Valantine, chief officer for scientific workforce diversity at the National Institutes of Health, will deliver the first lecture of the 2020 Marine Biological Laboratory Friday Evening Lecture season tonight with a talk on fostering workforce diversity.

The talk titled “NIH’s Scientific Approach to Inclusive Excellence” will be held virtually tonight at 8 PM. A live Q&A with the speaker will follow. Visit www.mbl.edu to register. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Friday Evening Lectures will be offered virtually every Friday through August 14. The hour-long talks are geared for a diverse and engaged audience and have been chosen for their appeal to scientists and non-scientists alike.

Dr. Valantine will describe NIH’s approach and activities related to promoting inclusive excellence by fostering workforce diversity. She will frame her presentation in the context of two colliding pandemics—COVID-19 and structural racism—highlighting the diversity and inclusion challenges facing biomedicine.

In addition to her nationally recognized work in developing and implementing transformative approaches to diversity in academic medicine, Dr. Valantine has had a prestigious career in cardiology. She maintains an active clinical research program at the NIH that continues to have high impact on patient care.

Upcoming talks include Pulitzer-prize-winning author Jared Diamond speaking on “Personal, National and World Crises” on July 10. Mr. Diamond will discuss the topic of crisis and change on a national and individual level. Nations experience crises that require selective changes to solve, and some nations are more successful at solving than others. The solution of a personal crisis also requires adopting selective changes, which some are more successful at accomplishing than are others.

Other speakers are Leslie Vosshall on July 24 and Margaret McFall-Ngai on July 31.

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