Artist, musician, and author Mimi Schlichter is offering a new class at her West Falmouth studio that combines her years of teaching “The Artist’s Way” with her own spiritual path.

“Playful Faith” will be a six-week class for artists in all disciplines as well as for “creatives of all types,” said Ms. Schlichter, who described her role in the class as that of a facilitator more than a teacher. “It’s not a product-orientated class,” she stressed.

Ms. Schlichter said that when she has taught “The Artist’s Way” it is often an amazing experience: “People dive in and come out changed on the other side.”

The classes will consist of in-class exercises and weekly disciplines similar to those used in “The Artist’s Way,” the 1992 book by Julia Cameron that explores the belief that everyone has a natural tendency toward being creative, and structures its text with techniques and exercises to help people get in touch with their creative side.

While “The Artist’s Way” is spiritual in nature according to Ms. Schlichter, her “Playful Faith” class will use more Christian language, referring to a belief in God and prayer, rather than simply a higher power. Ms. Schlichter sees the class as a way to speak freely about her faith and how it has colored her creative adventures.

One of the nuances of the class will be less emphasis on “figuring out” what to do, which emphasizes everyone being “up to me,” according to Ms. Schlichter, and more emphasis on “discernment,” which involves praying or seeking direction by being quiet and “seeing what shows up.”

“If we have creative gifts and we don’t use them, not only is it sad,” Ms. Schlichter said, “it is dishonoring the one who gave them to us.”

In “Playful Faith,” Ms. Schlichter will share not only the ideas presented in “The Artist’s Way” but disciplines that have personally worked for her. “If you have a creative dream, we’ll talk about how to make space for it in one’s daily life,” she said.

“Playful Faith” will begin Tuesday, October 25, and run for six weeks. The class will be offered in the morning from 10:30 to noon, or in the evening from 5:30 to 7. The cost is $90.

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