No Place for Hate–Falmouth is inviting the community to gather virtually on Monday, January 18, to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Ordinarily, more than 200 people join together over breakfast to honor and celebrate Dr. King and his legacy, but this year the program is shifting to a Zoom program beginning at noon.

This year’s event will recognize three local media organizations for their dedication to reporting on, educating about, and engaging the community with issues of racial inequality and social justice during 2020. The plaque they will receive commends them all for their roles “in lifting up issues vital to the well-being of our community.” No Place for Hate–Falmouth is honoring these three organizations with its Civic Leadership Award: The Enterprise, Falmouth Community Television, and WCAI, the National Public Radio station for Cape Cod and the islands.

The event will feature a talk titled “Call to Courage: Why Leaders Must Center on Racial Justice” by keynote speaker Safi Jiroh, followed by a recitation by public school students from Falmouth and the presentation of No Place for Hate–Falmouth’s Civic Leadership Award. The event is free and all are welcome. Registration is through the No Place for Hate–Falmouth website,

Ms. Jiroh currently serves as the deputy director and principal consultant and coach at LeaderSpring Center based in Oakland, California. LeaderSpring Center is a 24-year-old, equity-driven social impact intermediary that posits equity, specifically racial equity, as a 21st-century leadership competency. LeaderSpring Center fulfills its mission through leadership capacity building of multisector leaders and anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting.

In addition to her work with LeaderSpring Center, Ms. Jiroh is a licensed minister with a master of arts degree in spiritual formation and leadership and has more than 25 years of experience in the public and social sectors as a leader, grant maker, consultant, facilitator and volunteer working to fulfill her lifelong commitment to the advancement of human dignity.

Past recipients of this honor include George Spivey, Scoba Rhodes and Samantha Bauer.

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