Cahoon Adria Arch by Sarah Peters

“Interference,” an installation by Adria Arch, is hanging in several locations, including the lobby, at the Cahoon Museum of American Art.

With the recent reopening of the Cahoon Museum of American Art, along with the collaborative exhibit of work from the Cahoon and the Cape Cod Museum of Art and photographs by Edward Curtis, visitors can experience the hanging art of Boston-based artist Adria Arch.

Installed in the lobby of the museum, in one of the antique home’s original stairwells and in the museum’s interactive family room, Ms. Arch’s sculptures consist of interconnected shapes in inviting colors. The sculptures are hanging low enough in the family room that visitors can walk around them. The feeling is like being inside a mobile. Where the installation is hung near a window, the shadows cast on the wall and the floor also seem to become part of the sculpture.

“It’s fun to go in and around it and see it from different angles,” Sarah Johnson, the museum’s director, said, adding that by hanging the art in the lobby and the stairwell. “We’re using spaces in the building that we haven’t used or thought about before.”

Another intention of the exhibit was to have it greet people when they first arrive inside the museum.

“We thought it would be great when people walk into the building to be surrounded by art right away,” Ms. Johnson said.

The installation is titled “Interference,” a reference to the way it is purposefully hung to create an interactive experience for museumgoers. Ms. Arch created the pieces, which are made from flexible plastic specifically to fit the spaces at the museum.

Ms. Johnson described the works, which look like giant blow ups from Matisse’s cut-out series, as blurring the lines between painting and sculptures. “I see them as three-dimensional paintings,” she said.

The biomorphic shapes were inspired, in part, by doodles created by the artist’s son. The pieces that are hung down low enough for interaction are durable enough for people to touch gently if they wish.

Ms. Johnson said she saw Ms. Arch’s work when the artist exhibited last year at the Fitchburg Museum. Ms. Arch’s “Reframing Eleanor” was hung in the center of one of the museum’s galleries, its contemporary feel in contrast to the traditional paintings in guild frames hanging on the gallery walls.

“Last year we started the Cahoon Contemporary series which is looking at local and regional artists who are doing innovative and interesting things. Adria is someone I met regionally and thought it would be fun to bring her work here,” Ms. Johnson said.

“Interference” will be on view at the Cahoon through the end of the 2020 season.

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