F Fireworks Concert John Salerno

Popular local entertainer John Salerno has organized a night of music to raise funds for Falmouth’s annual 4th of July fireworks show. Fanfare for the Falmouth Fireworks will take place May 6 at Falmouth’s Coonamessett Inn.

A cavalcade of Falmouth’s favorite musicians are lending their talents to raise funds for the 39th year of Falmouth Fireworks’s annual July 4th show.

The Fanfare for Falmouth Fireworks will be held at the Coonamessett Inn on Monday, May 6, at 7 PM. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

The emcee for the evening will be the ever-popular pianist John Salerno, who has assembled 15 of his colleagues to showcase a wide range of Cape Cod musicians and singers.

The night of entertainment will feature performances by a dozen highly regarded musicians and musical groups. The largest group to perform will be the Cape Cod Conservatory Big Band with accompanying vocalists Leslie Boyle and Dennis Flaherty.

Jazz and rock violinist Mark Fuller will bring his unique style to the stage. Singer/guitarist Joe Sutton will take a break from Jack’s Restaurant to perform. Pianist Charlie Jamieson, another musical draw at Jack’s as well as at the Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa in Sandwich, will be featured along with his quartet. Dennis Nobrega, talented on saxophone, clarinet and flute, will be on stage unless he is called away to fill in for one of several Broadway shows.

Former Mashpee music teacher Mike Persico will play trombone and may also offer some tidbits about the research he has done on jazz legend Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. Mr. Persico will accompany trumpeter Jeff Hughes playing Dixieland jazz now that he has retired from his professorship at Wellesley College.

Charlie Taormina has performed with John Salerno, Charlie Jamieson and many other jazz and rock bands playing both bass and trumpet. Drummers Phil Vilali and Jeff Dodge will each get a solo during their performance. Global recording artist Eve Yvonne Makila brings her unique vocal renditions in several languages all the way from Kenya by way of Berklee College of Music and the Cape Cod Conservatory.

Many will remember Tedi Marsh as a previous owner of the Falmouth Playhouse, who is also a professional performer, vocal coach and producer. Tom Goux is a former music teacher in the Falmouth schools who brings his love of the ocean into his many songs of sailing ships, sailors and seafaring communities with his quartet known as Notescape.

Donnie Cross, well-known as a talented drummer, is also a great bass-baritone vocalist who has been featured in many venues around the Cape, including the Gallery on Main in Falmouth, where he is co-owner.

Tickets to the Fanfare for Falmouth Fireworks are available at the Gallery on Main at 317 Main Street or by calling 508-566-6318. The fireworks has its own website, falmouthfireworks.org, and Facebook page.

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