FCTV Mimi New Day Marsh

“Process,” a show of new art by Mimi Schlichter including the work, “New Day Marsh” (above), is currently on view at the new gallery space at Falmouth Community Television. An opening reception for the show will take place June 2 from 3 to 5 PM.

Artwork by Mimi Schlichter will be on display at the Gallery at FCTV through June 6. The public is invited to a reception with the artist on Sunday, June 2, from 3 to 5 PM.

Mimi Schlichter relocated to Cape Cod in 1997 from Pennsylvania. She has owned her own art galleries, taught art classes, self-published a novel and two inspirational books, and served as Minister of Music at Christ Lutheran Church on Brick Kiln Road in Falmouth for the past 15 years, playing piano and organ and leading a small choir.

Ms. Schlichter’s art journey started at age 10 and intermingled with spirituality as she grew up. She studied science and art in her elementary and high school years, and after graduating college spent a year at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg. Her faith deepened, even as life pointed her in the direction of artistic pursuits.

Of her artwork that she feels is divinely inspired, she said, “The question so often asked of an artist is ‘What is your process?’ The question to which I never had a good answer. Until now. I’ve always thought of my style as impressionistic realism, but in the past six months, this has changed. One night, when particularly frustrated with a large painting that was misbehaving, I took a painting knife to it and started to simply smear the paint around. It was liberating. Exhilarating. And at the same time, it quieted my soul. I had created my first abstract painting, quite unintentionally.”

Ms. Schlichter continues to experiment with this new method. Previously, she was used to starting out with a photograph and a destination in mind. Now, she starts with a blank canvas, having no idea where she’ll end up. Her process has become one of growing quiet, praying, listening for inspiration, choosing colors and moving the painting knife where she feels led on the canvas. The results are seemingly random patterns of paint—yet divinely guided. “Not unlike how I try to live my life,” she explained. “Surrender. Ask God’s help. Then go where I feel led. Not always easy. Often I get in the way. But it never fails to delight and surprise.”

“Process” will premiere 50 new paintings by Ms. Schlichter and is the first show in the new gallery space at FCTV’s new Falmouth Community Media Center. The Media Center is at 310 Dillingham Avenue, just behind the former location of FCTV and Maser Gallery.

A full bio and a preview of Ms. Schlichter’s paintings are available at www.mimisart.com.

In addition to the opening reception the show can be viewed Sundays from noon to 8 PM, Mondays from 2 to 10 PM, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10 AM to 10 PM, and Fridays from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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